Base Unit rattling and turning off



Hi, my base unit is making a loud rattling noise. It sounds like a fan, but im not sure which one. I have never opened my base unit before so i dont know much about fans and stuff and i am abit nervous about buying a new one and if it is hard to replace.
Also when i am decoding a movie or doing something that requires the pc to work abit, after about 10 mins the pc turns off. It just goes off, it doesnt shut itself down through windows and stuff, just goes completely off. Would this have something to do with the fan not cooling the system down enough?
Like i said i dont know much about the insides of the computer so any help would be great.
Thanks for your time reading this and for any help.


It could very well be your CPU fan giving up and causing the CPU to shut down. Opening up the case and see if all the fans are operating would be a good way to check and try and track down the noise. If your Bios allows you can check the temps within your Bios or use a program like PC Wizardto monitor the temps. Could also be a hard drive giving up the ghost so identifying where the noise is comming from would be a good start. Some system specs would also help.:wink:



I think that you probably have it right, your system is overheating.