Bartpe+XPE for dummies



Over at reatogo, they have made a gui, and instruction on how to make a Bartpe+XPE. They automated it for us. This tool is incredible. Never has it been so easy to make a bartpe+Xpe before. It is also easier to make, convert and add plugins.

I have been making Bartpe since the beginning but the newest gui really makes it easy.

There is also a new version of Bartpe out. 3.1.3

Here´s the link:


Thanks for the new link.

I just rebuilt BartPE CD using v3.1.3 two days ago.

Have you tried this new setup process?


Yes I tried the new XPE functions and it looks just like windows XP…problem is that I cant get any of my old plug ins to work other then the winzip one that I made. Maybe I have to convert then to XPE in a differnt way. I need to test it some more, but XPE looks great


Thanks for the input.
I hope you are able to work out the plugin issues.
I’ll give XPE a shot tomorrow.


XPE was considerably more effort for me as the .BAT files accompanying the included plugins assumed the installation path is %PROGRAM FILES%. I had to modify the .BAT files as my programs are installed in a different partition.

I did a build with the classic look and all the plugins were functional.
Too much effort and too little yield. I’ll stick to the standard PE builder, it’s much easier.


Im starting to agree with you. The GUI is nice and it is using the XP look, but it´s almost not worth the effort. I am looking forward to the Mega package as he calls it. I hope that it put the dot over the I. As is now, he has put alot of effort into this newest version and has made it easier to convert to XPE, but it still needs alittle work. I like it better without the bat files.


Iv been working with the new version and it is with the effort. I have adjusted the bat files so they are more compatible, unless of course you dont install your programs in the default folders. I have also customized alot of settings.

Ill post some screenshots later but I really like this new layout. We just have to get use to the new “file system” It´s always hard to start over, but once you get the hang of it, then you usually like the changes.


OK here is a screen shot of my Bartpe XPE cd…it almost looks just like my normal desktop. The good thing about going XPE is that you dont need as many plugins as almost all normal windows function are avalible. It took a little time getting to work, but that´s the way it is with Open source programs.

Who said that Bartpe doesnt have to look good? :wink: Remember that this is booting from a cd, so all the programs are running on the cd. I have my own OS on a cd…This is one cool boot disc


I’m impressed, really!!
I opted for the classic look like W2K so I did not get all the desktop icons, but that has to be the most attractive desktop I’ve seen in a rescue environment.


That is my standard desktop, I just imported it to my XPE…but he has come with Beta1 and Im chatting alot with him about it. As I have it now, I have Ghost 9, Partition Magic 8,1. Nero, Saminside, Winzip 9.1, Winrar 3.4 and many other plugins working…Honestly, I dont have that many plugin as Windows XPE runs just like WIndows XP.

Like I said, it´s worth the effort as Beta 1 is alot easier then the first draft that you tried earlier.