Bartpe - Reatogo+XPE+Autohelp



For all of those that found making a Bartpe or XPE recovery cd difficult, I would like to invite you in trying the new 1 click solution. Together with Reatogo, Cworks and myself, we have made a 1 click plugin system that make´s it easy to install plugins.

Of course everthing is free as Bartpe should be, but we´ve made it easier to use Bartpe XPE. XPE is a Windows XP, it looks like XP. Why is this better then normal Bartpe? Because it also works like XP. This means that you dont need extra plugins to do your normal XP functions.

We have also made enough plugins for a effective recovery cd.

Try it out ReatogoXPE


Thanks for the link.
Are you saying that one click is all that’s required to install any of the plugins listed on that page?
No more reconfiguring .BAT files?


The way we set the bat files up is that if the program is installed in the default location, then 1 click is enough…if it is not installed in it´s default location, the bat file asks you to type the path to where it is installed. Then the bat file will search for your registeration information in the registery and import it into the inf file. The bat file will also show you your serial number.
We tried to make it as “newbie” proof as possible. You of course you must still enable the plugin. If you do not have the software installed, click on the html file that follows the plugin, it should open the website to where you can download the software.


I’ve been using ERD Commander which works fine.
I’ve just discovered that Bart PE CD is actually useless on my system anyway. It will not recognize my hard drives which are connected to my onboard Highpoint controllers.
Apparently it will only recognize disks attached to onboard IDE controllers.
Likewise with XPE Reatogo.

I’ll have to leave these alone until they develop further support for onboard RAID controllers.