Barring UltraViolet success, home video retail biz will continue to decline



Barring UltraViolet success, home video retail biz will continue to decline.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A years-long decline in the home video retail market will continue and worsen unless the newly-minted digital locker system Ultraviolet picks up steam, said an analyst at research company IHS. According to the firm, spending on disc-based movies and TV shows has fallen by billions in the past seven years to land at the current $9.9 billion figure.

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Ultraviolet has no chance. The quality of the download is poor, and the restrictions on use of the movies are too annoying.

Streaming from Netflix or similar services is simpler, and faster. So Ultraviolet fails the convenience test.

And if someone wants a high quality copy they can use on [B]any[/B] device, they can pick up a cheap used disk of the majority of films and rip and covert themselves. With a modern decryption program and the free conversion programs like Handbrake, this is so simple anyone can do it. New releases are the only problem, and I’m afraid many employ the rent & rip strategy with them.


I was happy just getting the physical digital copy (DC), which I’m more pissed about not getting anymore - I was able to “home” stream the DC and upload it onto any device I wanted without having to worry about Internet streaming the movie, which as Kerry56 pointed out can sometimes suck coming from services like UltraViolet (UV).