Barnes & Noble unveils Nook e-reader

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Barnes & Noble recently introduced its Nook electronic book reader, with the national US book store setting its sights squarely on the popular Amazon Kindle e-reader.

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“Nook e-reader” ? Unfortunate name…now everyone’s going to say i’m playing with my ‘nookie reader’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Correct me if I’m wrong: After reading several articles on the Nook, each seemed to have a condition or two on loaning out e-books. Here’s what I’ve read so far on the subject.

. Only books authorized by Barnes and Noble can be loaned (only some books can be loaned out).

. Only one loan per authorized book allowed.

. The allowed book for that one loan can be loaned for 14 days only.

. The only e-reader that the book can be loaned to is another Nook (or little devices like the iphone).

This book loaning feature seems to be a key feature that B&N has been touting. If what I’ve read so far on the subject is correct though, the loan feature is more of an advertising gimmick than an honest to goodness useful feature.

A 7.7" screen is touted but the reading part is 6" (same as the Kindle) leaving the bottom part for touch screen navigation (as opposed to Kindle’s mechanical button and joy stick navigation).

The one big advantage I see to the Nook is the ability to seamlessly transfer PDF documents into it (it’s a bit more tedious with the Kindle).

I only bring these things up because I’ve been looking to replace my Kindle 1 with something new and better. So far though, as a book reader (what it’s being used for most of the time), there’s no difference whatsoever between any of these e-readers (although the Kindle DX is larger). Although both the Nook and the Kindle can do downloads from virtually anywhere, the Sony needs computer connection (thus ruled out for me).

I got real excited about this reader after reading the hype on the Nook. But now that I’ve calmed down, I’m hoping the the Kindle will yet again drop its price in order to counter the more eye catching and maybe easier to use aspects of the Nook. I may get a Nook but if the Kindle does a decent price drop I’ll probably go with it.

P.S. I didn’t pay tax on my Kindle and don’t pay tax on downloaded books. Will it be the same for the Nook in that B&M has brick and mortar stores in every state I know of.

When I used to buy hard-copy books from Barnes & Noble online (I now own a Kindle I), I would get charged state tax, so I would presume that you also get taxed for buying a Nook and probably the ebooks as well.
One other thing to add the “downside” list for the Nook.