Bargains in the U.K

this company seems to have some great bargains, of course you will have to add postage and packing costs to orders .

RITEK Full-Face printable Ritek - R dvd G05 50 tub…£11.00

Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 50 Datawrite inform us that this disc is one of the toughest discs they’ve ever made. ADVDINFO: CMC MAG. AE1/MCC 02RG20… £12.00

Ridisc Xtreme (Ritek G05 dye) 8x DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 50.
The much hyped and highly anticipated new Ridisc Xtreme 8x DVD-R is now available. If you like to use the latest in disc technology here it is!..£11.00

Ridisc Branded Double Layer (2.4x) DVD+R Disc in Jewel Case … £3.50

ritek BRANDED 8x DVD+r (25 Tub)…£10

Compatable Ink Cartridges from £3.00

plus loads of other stuff