*Bargain*Ritek Ridata 8X DVD-R Media Matte Finish 100 Pack

Good bargains, I think…

Ritek Ridata 8X DVD-R Media Matte Finish 100 Pack with Ridata Logo in the Hub (Two 50-Pack) - $26.99

Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R Media Silver Thermal Lacquer 200 Pack in Cake Box Spindle (Four 50-Pack) - Free Ground Shipping

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The -R are Ritek G05, you’d have to be retarded to risk your data on those! They have known degradation problems, and will probably turn into coasters after 3 months! Not much of a bargain if you ask me, I say avoid them at all costs! Some Ritek G05 might not have this problem, but the risk factor is just too high. $.35 each for yudens is an OK deal, especially with free shipping. The only thing that sux is having to buy 200 of them to get the deal. :doh:

Yudens are now in the $30-40 per 100, only a few dollars in it, to me its worth it springing for the yudens at any media store.

The TYs are not such a hot deal. :disagree:

Shop4Tech has the same media at $76 for a 200 pack with free shipping and a free gift of 5 DVD-RWs on all purchases over $50. Use coupon code β€˜CS10’ to get 10% off and your final price is $68.4 :slight_smile:

And if you can get a referal from a friend, you take an additional 10% off. So your final price with a referal and coupon would be $61.56 + Free Shipping. That is just 30 cents a disc - Now that is a Hot Deal :bigsmile:

Also, they have a 100 pack for $39, which would be $31.59 with a referal and coupon. Free shipping on it too.

No more Riteks for me :disagree:

I lost 100 G05s after the data burn quality went south 5 months after burning.

See the scan here. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1085508&postcount=14

There is no reason left to ever buy any Ritek ever again. $10 per 100 is too much.


I used the G05’s for a long time - burning 180+/-

The last 12-13 turned sour-

No more Ritek 'til they get their act together - PERIOD!!!


I see our local supermediastore.com shill is back again with a new ID. First post, still going through the trouble of hiding the store name in the link, not posting a price on the TY but highlighting free shipping in red, etc.

Hopefully a mod will come by and delete this like the last thread where they tried this.


At least it gives us another chance to warn people away from Ritek.

So? Where are the referrals? :slight_smile:

no ritek period lol

how about that

why risk it in the first place, unless your in eruope and ritek is all over, dont risk it

The Mods should do what they did @ ABX zone and make it so that you have to have a certain post count before you can post a link. This stopped ALL spammers, but it can be kinda annoying :doh: . The newbies get kinda mad about not being able to post links, but they get over it. They haven’t had a single spammer since that’s been put in place though. :iagree:

Personally I think 10 posts should suffice - you should probably have 10 posts under your belt before you start linking anyway! :slight_smile: