who here has been in one? i have now! wooo!

err not really woo! more like ow.

I was at a show and kids at hardcore shows can get rough and rowdy, but everyone is just there to have a fun. people get hit, they get over it…no one’s trying ot hurt each other despite what it might look like.

my friend was dancing and punched some kid in the head. not on purpose or anything and the kid knew that and he gave him the nod and all was cool…then a bouncer comes flying out of nowehere and throws my friend on the ground.

my train of thought: “bouncers don’t hit girls” boy was i wrong. i went to try to pull the bouncer off of my friend and i get punched right in the nose. blood everywhere…broken. awesome.

I think he just felt someone on him and swung and didn’t realize it was a 5’4" chick.

it sounds cheesy, but one thing about hardcore kids is that they look out for each other. I’ve been going to shows since I was 14 years old, and I’m “the girl” haha. There aren’t many of us in this area at least so I have like a couple hundred big brothers. and what would a big brother do in the above situation?

the band stopped immediately and refused to play. they said if security were going to toss around hardcore kids and punch out girls they didn’t want to be a part of the venue. the guys at the show pretty much beat the shit out of the security guard. police came to clear the place out.

no one was arrested. The cops asked me if I wanted to press charges against the security guard, but I said not to bother. as long as none of the kids there were in any trouble then that guy got was was coming to him and I didn’t need to press charges.

so the bouncer starts telling the cops his side and pointing out kids that the cops “should be arresting.” The cops pretty much laughed at him and said “you point anyone out and press charges and that girl is going to press charges against you for breaking her nose and we have about 75 witnesses that saw you do it” (I think this was the first point at which he realized I was the one that he punched)

after that I hightailed it to the hospital. I have some sweet black eyes now.

what a freakin night.

some pluses on the night:

the cops that showed up were way cool.

the band came up to me afterwards and they said that they knew me from going to shows all over the east coast and that if i didn’t have insurance they’d set up and play a benefit show if I needed money to cover hospital bills. luckily i do have insurance, but that was seriously so nice of them to offer.

as much as it sucks when people get hurt, it’s nice to know that people who are your friends and people you don’t even know are willing to stand up for you.

oh, oh! and the band has an extra day in the area and are playing in my backyard tomorrow. I figured it was the least i could do for them and for the kids at the show since the show was canceled.

i’m gonna go take a nap now.

ok now post your barfight stories…

sweet @ss night… you go girl, rock on

not really.

i’m kind of sore now. the dr. said i was lucky that my septum ring didn’t get embedded somewhere important in my skull.

also this was all before 7pm…so my night is being spent on painkillers in front of the tv…now THAT’S a sweet ass night

Reasons…a fractured nose!!!..that Sucks!!!..but good for you covering your friend’s back. Everyone needs a friend like you.

So, you’re watchin movies and stoned on hydrocodone…huh?
I guess it could be worse…like no narcs… :wink:

I’m gonna have to keep track of your typing and “reasoning” this evening…this could be a good time… :bigsmile:

haha i had a couple drinks at the bar and the hwole ordeal wasn’t that long ago so i’m feeling a little loopy. i may just have to compound the issue and see if I have anything fun to drink around the house.

i mean mixing alcohol and pills never killed anyone, right? errrr…

at the moment I’m reading arndom pages and laughing hysterically, but i’m not sure if it’s really that funny or not…

Well, no one will tell you it’s ok to mix booze and narcotics, not officially anyway…just be careful! I mean, you could fall break something…like YOUR NOSE!!!.. :stuck_out_tongue:

i love it, classic shizz lol. i wudv pressed charged tho just to be mean :bigsmile:

i thought about it, but i’m too lazy to deal with court and stuff. besides, if you had seen this guy afterwards you probably would have felt bad for him. he refused an ambulance…as did I but at that point i had the bleeding under control and he looked in a lot worse shape than i did. he probably didn’t have anything broken though.

it would have been a ridiculous court case though. little girl walks in with 2 black eyes and a bandaged nose…bring in the defendant: 6’3" 280 lbs…I win automatically haha.

my parents are pretty pissed at me right now though. i haven’t really told them the whole story. they definitely wouldn’t understand. i just told them i was at a show and got hit by accident.

aww reasons…sounds like you had a blast…at least you are ok! I’m sure this big guy will wonder when this shorty will come back for her revenge…lmao kick him in the crotch next time :wink:
hope the backyard concert has a better outcome

Rock on! (you deserve the hard core medal )

Respect! :bow:

the band came up to me afterwards and they said that they knew me from going to shows all over the east coast and that if i didn’t have insurance they’d set up and play a benefit show if I needed money to cover hospital bills. luckily i do have insurance, but that was seriously so nice of them to offer.
That is freakin’ awesome! I don’t know much bands that would do that for their fans.

Last week i went to a tiny concert in the middle of nowhere (go figure, even in The Netherlands there’s a middle of nowhere). They just set up this shed in some very muddy meadow. The band plays a lot of instruments like flute, accordeon, bagpipes and some guitars. The music was awesome.

Unfortunately a lot of the (male) fans just come there to drink lots of beer, throw beer around everywhere (thank god for plastic cups) and bash into people. As it got close to 1 am the band played their last and most rough musics, so those annoying drunks started pushing people around again, several stepping on ankles or pushing you on the ground. Very very annoying and quite painful.

Luckily people tend to take care of each other. When someone was about to fall down you are grabbed by several people to get up again, because everyone is worried you might get trampled.

OK, but just the ones with a broken nose as the outcome…

1977 - The Boss, myself and two friends on R&R from Saudi had just finished a meal and multiple pitchers of Sangria at Casa Botin in Madrid and headed back to the hotel…Entered the hotel bar and an obnoxious drunk Texan was accosting all the patrons and being a total ass…After an hour of his antics I suggested that he wander off to his room and sleep it off…The next thing I know I’m laying on the floor with blood everywhere and my nose is broken…

1984 - The Boss, myself and two couples we met while on R&R in Bangkok are having a few (too many) drinks at a local dive and an obviously drunk Aussie wanders over to the table and asks us to keep it down…I’m not sure what I said, but he didn’t take it well and hit me with a chair, and broke my nose again…

The end result is that I gave up drinking and hanging out in bars…
And my nose, after two operations, has been problematic ever since…

PS You had fun didn’t you?

I intend to live forever. So far, so good. - Stephen Wright

to ber perfectly honest, i HATE fights…which is why i tend to try to stop them 90% of the time.

The night itself was anything but fun, but like I pointed out in the original post, it was nice to see everyone stick up for each other.

the fun will come tonight when the bands actually get a chance to play and kids will be able to dance and have fun without anyone interfering and ruining things.

PS, it seems that between you and I all of the “fights” in this thread are rather one-sided :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry about your nose “reasons”, thats gotta hurt!
I’m like pipemanid, I gave up drinking in bars long ago. A friend and I were in a bar years ago watching the “shakers”. My friend saw a girl sitting by herself in the corner crying her eyes out. He didn’t know her but thought he would go over and see what was wrong. He sat and talked to her for a few minutes and then I saw some guy come in, look around and head for the table where my friend was. He grabbed my friend and started yelling at him and pushing him around. The next thing I remember as I was getting up to go help my friend was seeing the flash of something, my friend grabbed his neck then looked at his hand and fell to the floor. I got there and saw blood squirting from my friends neck,the guy had cut his throat and hit his jugular vien. Some guy (turned out to be a doctor) jumped down on the floor with him and stuck two fingers in the open ends of the viens to stop the bleeding and said call 911. This doctor must have known just exactly what to do cause he saved my friends life. They said if he got there just a few seconds later my friend would have died!
It all turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. This guy thought his girl friend was cheating on him with my friend. He didn’t run, he just sat on the floor looking dazed and confused till the cops came.
My friend doesn’t remember anything after seeing a flash of something. Later when he found out what had happened and why, he wasn’t even mad at the guy and didn’t press charges!
That was my last bar experience. :eek:

All I will say is…fair play to you, reasons - and ouch @ the nose! Hope your piercing(s) survived!

:bow: :wink:

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a fight at a gig or bar…but I suppose there’s always a first time (although I’m hoping not, LOL).

hope your felling better, i know how you feel, i’m just back to work after 2 months due to a fight, but it sounds that you’ll not be off your work, that, you don’t need.

as S_S said, a swift kick in the knackers will take the wind out of any mans sails :bigsmile:

I’m unemployed so the work thing isn’t an issue hehe. I graduated in may and my parents health insurance covers me until the end of the calendar year which is nice. after that though I’ll need to either make sure i have a job with good benefits or start paying out of my pocket fo rhealth insurance…

…or move to canada :slight_smile:

Or the UK…on second thoughts, don’t, it’s useless these days :bigsmile:

@RNR: good job you didn’t give blood, the day before the gig. Sounds like you needed all you had… :wink:

Bars are the worst place to have a fight. Too much glass within easy reach.

How’s your nose healing, reasons?