Barebone system

I am looking for a good barebone kit and found this one.
Any feedback or better ideas???

Just a heads-up. Tigerdirect does not have the best reputation.

If you can find the parts for just as cheap individually I would recommend doing that. If you are comfortable putting the computer together that is.

Also, what will the computer be used for. If we know what you plan on doing with the rig, we can recommend another system or other parts possibly.

Pretty much a stand alone burner machine…

I made a system using a MSI main board and things worked fine

How is Newegg with rebates??

You can do much better price wise if you shop around. No great deal there. Also, you can count me in as someone that was screwed over by TigerDirect.

TigerDirect did not get their terrible reputation by accident – they worked very hard to earn it. You have been warned.

That bare bone system uses the same case that I have currently the Ultra Aluminus case.
The only real bad thing about that case is the add in card screw holes after removing the
screw(s) and putting in a card(s) the screw doesn’t want to tighten up anymore. The hole
strips out making it very hard to tighten the screw(s) back down to hold your card(s) in
place unless you put a larger diameter screw in there.:doh:

Newegg has rebates on quite a few of the components. Are they good with inhouse rebates???

I’ve never had a problem with there rebates.