Bare Bones

[qanda]This thread is about the Antec MX-1 Actively Cooled Hard Drive Enclosure. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]What is the best barebones system today? Amd? Pentium? or intel mobos? Had an Asus mobo w/3.2 ghz pentium 1.5 mb DDR and board just fried. Had to reset Cmos after removing new memory sticks (been active 2+ yrs). Crusting and swelling caps on mobo. Looking for the best mobo/barebones system to trxfer my old hardware to a new system. Had a HP m1080n but upgraded the firmware of 2 dvd roms to accomplish fast movie reproduction. Also just intalled win Vista on top of 2000 OS after flashing drive, resetting bios config and installing new 500 gb HD. Still cant find drivers for SATA controller on mobo, and getting frustrated. I want/need new system but dont know which barebones kit to start from. BTW I am a poor broke sunnavabitsh and want the best system for the best price that I can upgrade 5 years from now. Any suggestions or personal fav’s are appreciated.

I have built 6 computers over the past year and each one I went to newegg and purchased AMD cpus and different motherboard. Some of the I had case but the one that I did not I purchased cheap ones at newegg. Other things like keyboards and such I had since I collect most peoples old computer. I have three here that I built for my grandkids to play games on and I used good but cheap motherboards from newegg with amd cpus and memory form newegg In each case I spent less that 200 dollars on the cpu motherboard and memory. They work great for the newer games the kids play.
As for as telling what cpu or motherboard to buy that is always hard because you need to know what the person is using it for and what computer parts you already have and will be using. Things like do you have to IDE drives to install or do you have sata drives. Some of the new board do not have but one IDE connection and if you hard drive is ide and the cd drives are IDE then you would need one with two IDE connections. Memory is another item to look at your memory might be ddr and most new board used ddr2 or ddr3.
Like I said unless you gave a list of all equipment you had that you wanted to install in the new barbones system it would be hard to answer your question.