Bardot on trial for allegedly inciting anti-Muslim hatred

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“Brigitte Bardot is back on trial in France, facing charges of fanning discrimination and racial hatred against Muslims.”

:rolleyes: They must be crazy… I have never heard about any fanatic Muslims facing such charges…:Z I think the whole Political Correctness thing has got out of hand a little bit… :a

Damn! That woman looks like she’s sucked on too many lemons :stuck_out_tongue:
This racial discrimination case is the least of her worries :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=debro;2044131]Damn! That woman looks like she’s sucked on too many lemons :stuck_out_tongue:
This racial discrimination case is the least of her worries :p[/QUOTE]
She looked pretty good when she was younger.
I tried to find a copy of the letter to Sarkozy(France’s Prime Minister) but only was able to find this quote from the letter:
“I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its acts,”
I didn’t think that was much to be a criminal act.
I guess that’s an American attitude.As far as I know we can write anything to the President as long as it’s not a threat.Even then then it might have to be a threat to the President.Not sure after 911 .Any threat might get someone a visit from Homeland Security.
Other than that I think the head of the KKK could write the President a letter as racist as he wanted to & not be prosecuted.That would be ditto for any American politician.
Guess it’s not the same in France.I wonder what they would do if an American wrote Sarkozy an anti muslim letter?
I bet we wouldn’t extradite an American for trial in France.
I think I will watch me a few Bardot movies & heres a younger pic of Bardot.

Lol! Another reason not to choose a wife/partner based on looks alone.
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edit Another thought occurs … Maybe it wasn’t lemons /edit

And I also agree … that paragraph which has been extracted from her letter doesn’t sound overtly discriminating or inciteful. Sounds like a appraisal of the large part of the population being subjected to the will of a minority under the heading of “Political Correctness”.

Political Correctness is the screen that has been pulled over the governments eyes to blind them from the truth.
PC was installed to prevent discrimination for the minority, but is being abused by the minority to enforce their will on the majority.

Only stupid factions need wars. Just move a bunch of people to whatever country you want to take over, breed like there is no tomorrow, and petition the government for perks under PC & fairness. Then complain loud enough about immigration quotas & etc until you’ve got a significant population, and then take over the government & abolish PC laws.

I once subjected to an interesting phrase from an aboriginal. “Don’t worry, we’ll breed the white out of ya” [I]phrase corrected for grammar & legibility[/I]

debro still depressed as ever once again…

Depressed? I’m ROTFLMAO!

[QUOTE=debro;2044527]Depressed? I’m ROTFLMAO![/QUOTE]
You can’t touch this