Barbie of Swan Lake

After using DVD2One successfully over the last year for at least 100 titles, I may have found my match. I bought this DVD for my 4 year old daughter, and as usual tried to make a backup for regular use before it becomes scratched or damaged the way a 4 year old will do. I tried Full Disc and Movie Only mode. Full disc will not play on PowerDVD 5 or my Pioneer DV-656A. Movie Only will play on my computer only. I tried Sony DVD+RW discs, as well as wasting a Ritek and Memorex DVD+R disc. I even tried DVDShrink out of desperation with the same result. The resulting disc will just not boot up on my Pioneer player, which supposedly will play anything (and has in the past). I’m using Nero 6, DVD2One 1.3, DVD Decrypter 3.1.7. One other note, Nero starts burning VOB 13 during full movie mode. I never saw it start with anything but the first VOB before. Any thoughts will be appreciated.