Banned in Napster ? Log in again!



I just posted the article Banned in Napster ? Log in again !.

Submitted by: Redd Ears and lots of others ! Thanks all !

Banned in Napster by Metallica? Here’s the solution:

Unban yourself while still using Beta 6!

  1. Uninstall Napster
  2. Click on…
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Allrighty then

It’s Napster-galore again for everybody who got banned for some stupid reason!!!
Naphack works…, and it works well!


Thanks! NapHack works well


i was banned by metalica on napster, but thanks to naphack i’am back on track
thx ,it realy works


Naphack works, and very well!
reccomended to all!


i cant get the napster hack to work, does anyone know how to use it, is there anything special you have to do? any help would be apprieciated.



Thanks for the Napster Hack, I just found out Dr Dre banned me for downloading something.Useless penny grabbing gangsta!
Fuck Dre. Back to Napster!