Banned from Xbox Live - Change the MAC address and serial number

I just posted the article Banned from Xbox Live - Change the MAC address and serial number.

Wasted Grunt used our newssubmit to tell us that according to this page it is now possible to change the MAC address and serial number of the Xbox, so you can unban yourself from the Xbox Live…

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i dont an x-box but i went to the webpage. I would say they are lying. The “screenshots” they have look like they have been done in corel draw, and not even very well. Look at the distance between the top of the text and the screen in the 3 screenshots - it isnt even consistant!

Jesus Christ. What is wrong with you people? Why are you advertising and promoting something that is ruining the online gaming experience? To hell with people that have been banned for installing hacks and cheats on their systems. We don’t want that type of unfairness in a competitive gaming environment. Fuck this stupidity.

I call bullshit. This is nothing but an ‘geocities quality’ page made by one or two lame ass little kids that want attention.

First, it’s not advertisement, it’s news. People will find out about it whether CDf reports it or not, so what’s the difference. Second, I thought it’s not possible to change a MAC address. Even if this works, what would happen if you changed it to an address some legit user has? The same MAC address logged on the same network? And finally, what’s so special about XBOX live. I heard there’s supposedly no lag… but how could that be possible? I think it’s BS.

MAC addresses are at a hardware level therefore to change a MAC address it would have to be at hardware level by some kind of BIOS flash, logically. For example, every single Network card issued in the world should have a unique MAC address. The address itself (assuming much the same as that on a Network Card) is a 12-digit hexidecimal number, hex means that it uses numbers and letters, 0-9 and A - F.

The MAC address has two parts. The first six hexadecimal digits is the manufacturer of the NIC. The last six is the unique address of the card. This is the addendum to MrStimpy’s post. In addition, you CAN change a MAC address and not necessarily with a hardware mod. Think of the Asante FR3400 series Cable Modem/DSL router. You can change the MAC address in the web admin page. Just food for thought.

It’s just a matter of time until someone comes out with a mod chip that can bypass XBOX Live’s protection. This way people with a mod chip can still go on XBOX live and not be banned. Be patient XBOX modders. A mod chip built that won’t be detected on XBOX live will come out soon.

MAC addresses were initially hard coded into NICs. However, I’ve found alot of cheaper (RealTek, etc.) NICs are software controlled and the MAC is easily changed via a program. I had a problem when using a batch of cheap network cards. Every computer on the network worked perfect except 2. They both kept losing packets. I finally checked the network cards’ configs and both had the same MAC address. The manufacturer acknowledged the problem and sent me a program to “reprogram” one NIC. So much for that theory, eh?

Hey PreacherBoy, the modchips are not intended to cheat in a game. There is not one single hack or crack out there that allows you to do so. In case you wern’t aware, the modchip lets you play a “backup” and run other cool apps, like a divx player etc… So don’t go calling all modchip owner’s cheaters.

Oh, and for the record, the hack does work… But it does not let you played any “backup” games online. Before, if you ran XBL with a modchip, it permanently banned you. But now you can follow tutorial, remove modchip (or disable it with a switch) and run an ORIGINAL game on your ex-banned xbox. So in a sense, it gives you 'another chance" with Xbox Live.

some people take this very seriously :(. is’nt ironic microsoft getting beat by a(MAC).:4

Jef160, I believe you’re talking about the wrong “MAC” :4

well hopefully these people that try to use this program realize that a certain part of the MAC address identifies the manufacturer of the NIC and if that part is changed Microsoft might be already head of the game and still not let them on :4

With linux you can change the mac address of your nic with the ifconfig command. I always thought it was something changeable, so the news may be a good hint.