Banned from emule

is possibly to be banned from emule ??
and how?


Yes and it is the mod that is banned not the person. Also IPs can be banned by the servers, and as most of us are on dynamic IPs this can mean sometime or other you may get a banned one, if that is the case disconnect fromthe net and reconnect to cahnge IP.

yes thanks but why should they bann a user?

For downloading copyrighted material :wink:

It is generally not a user that is banned, there are mods out there that are considered bad for the network, some are banned with in eMule itself, and if so bad they are banned by the server software, and old version of lionetwork comes to mind.

Clients, like eMule, also contain coding that will ban a user if they break certain protocols, they are too aggressive, there are two people with the same user hash as it can’t tell which is the legit user both are banned etc.