Bank Holidays

It’s Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK, and I’m bored out of my skull.

Anyone else hate them as much as I do? Even worse than Sundays! :eek:

Nothing on TV, nowhere to go…even CDF is quiet!

same here. I’m going to Ikea with my aunt. I don’t even think we need anything, and the closest Ikea is an hour away…we’re just bored.

Even a trip to Ikea would be bliss right now :bigsmile: - glad I’m not the only bored person on here, though.

Misery loves company :bigsmile:

A trip to IKEA is heaven. Who doesnt like IKEA? Take them to me and I’ll hit them over the head so they’ll come to their senses. Every city needs a IKEA. Or two. Like we have.

Why is this day so boring for you english types?

holidays here -> beer and grilling. doing nothing and loving it :smiley:

We’re a set of sad souls, sitting at the box on a bank holiday LOL.
I’m not bored but keep feeling that I could be doing something else. :bigsmile:

Agree about Ikea :bigsmile:

And it’s British tradition to be bored on Bank Holidays (shame on you, weedougie :bigsmile: )…that’s my story anyway :bigsmile:

Yes they bugger up my budgetting, and I am bad enough as it is managing my money. To get it on Sat imnstead of Mon realy screws things up.

What do you mean nothing on TV there’s the “Sound Of Music” :bigsmile:

i had to work today… but was quiet… sold out of stock of everything yesterday :eek:

Argh, good point. I’ll check my bank account…mine usually goes in Monday as well, so I’m guessing it’d be Saturday, this time, same as you.

The Sound of Music can bite my [censored] :bigsmile:

Wow, haveacigar - I thought only my mum’s boss was mean enough to make her work Bank Holidays :eek:

Well i worked today from 10 till 5 so am knackered. Just got home. Gonna have some tea and chill out.

Ah but bank holidays are time and a half, my old boss would shut the pub down to save paying it.

Pray for forgiveness Arachne how could you say such a thing about a singing nun? You’ll burn woman burn!!!

It actually goes in Friday, but I leave it to sat as atleast then it is only two days early, so not too bad for my budget.

I get double pay today but i only get 5.10 an hour anyway.

i started work at 6 and finished at 11… only to find out after my shift, that i was meant to start at 7, and wont be paid for the hour :sad::a

[B]@greg[/B] grrr i get 4.30 an hour

My mum’s got more chance of meeting the Queen than getting time and a half, her boss is MEAN.

Ahhh, gotcha :slight_smile:

… ive met the queen…

So I curtseyed (yes I have spelt the incorrectly) to HRH Prince Charles, I should have bowed, but I was at the change from the girls to the boys and I got confused shoot me.

It’s the law he has no choice, that’s why the boss at the pub closed it instead of paying.

Try working for my boss, and try standing the whole day. I work at Robert Dyas the hardware store. this is my day; 8:20, get to store, 8:30 unload delivery, 10:15-15min tea break, 1, 1 hour lunch, 4 tea break, 5:20 bring in stuff from outside front of store, 5:30 get stuff to go home. Im not sure which is worse, a job thats mind numbingly boring where u can sit down and take the day slow, or a job thats quick paced where you have to stand all day and where you have to be peoples b*tch :rolleyes:

Can we see you curtsey? :bigsmile:

Sure but it will cost you as you aren’t a HRH :bigsmile: