Bank card sized HDD available

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Plextor has just announced the introduction of a pocket-sized external hard disk. The PX-PPH120U weighs 90g and goes in the books as one of the world’s smallest 1.8-inch drives.
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Nice. WD needs to concentrate on this form factor. Though the entire industry should be concentrating on E-sata. usb 2.0 has reached its limits for me. :slight_smile:

This + USB 3.0 = FTW !!!

Well now… I stand corrected. :slight_smile: I was unaware of such a standard. I really need to watch the news, or run more searches before I post :smiley: If im not mistaken, that will put sata in its place. That will smoke sata 3gb by by 33%+ IF IM NOT MISTAKEN

Er, by 60% maybe…