Bandwidth Throttling IIS 5.0 FTP


I was wondering if anyone here had success in getting bandwidth throttling to work with their FTP server in either XP Pro or 2000 Server IIS.

I am only running FTP . Enabling bandwidth throttling is consists a check box and a field to enter the amount of kb you want to limit each FTP server to. But it never works.
I tried this with the IIS service stopped, and running. Each time I restarted the service or server itself and it still didn’t work.

I have read quite a few articles in the M$ knowledge base and there isn’t anything besides basic instuctions on enabling it, which is extremely simple. Another article states that Bandwidth Throttling only works on static HTML documents… could this be the case? I figured tis was only pertaining to the WWW server, I mean how many FTP servers only have static HTML docs?

Any help would be greatly appreciated