Bandwidth limiter

Ohh, I thougth you meant slow for the other guy, not for yourself. Yes then the first statement is correct.

As for the second, it is incorrect in that yes an ISP such as Optonline, can, will, and has in the past capped connection speed.

Maybe some companies burrow by some means upload speed from another, I see no way how unless they have a trust domain set-up in the DC, and why company A will give company B DC trust is beyond me, and this is the first I ever hear of it. I would like to see some written or hard proof of this actually for my personal notes and knowledge, if you got any, then greatly appreciated.

And yes, upload is what will cost them money, and is the primary reason they keep it low. Companies couldnt care less about leechers, until they become costly for the company itself… and as for lawsuits, ehhh, its really all about the dollar bills me thinks. :iagree:

the problem with netlimiter 2 is that it provides unstable limiting (greatly fluctuates above and below the limit i set)…
I am looking for another alternative to it… DU Super Controler looks promising ( so I will test it later…

  1. Use small send buffer is indeed useless…
  2. Not limiting the connection on my isp to less then 90% of upload (8mbps down/0.7mbps up) results in page not found errors and Voip failure (and 70KB/s upload is still nice).
  3. Limiting your connection to something high isn’t leeching.

Quite frankly, I recommend you move to StrongDC (just moved to it recently), RevConnect hasn’t been updated in forever, while StrongDC is well maintained and contains the same features. Just don’t use the built in limiter (since it reports it to the hubs… doh)

…or just get a router that supports QoS.