Bandwidth limiter

My RevConnect uploads are slowing down my internet browsing to a crawl.
However, RevConnect doesn’t (yet, hopefully) feature an upload limiter. So I need some program that’ll limit upload bandwidth, and that ISN’T NetLimiter (most hubs ban you if you use that).
Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

There is 2 simple solutions

1/ Don’t download or upload and surf the net the same time.
2/ Use a second ISP one for surfing the net and one for downloading or uploading. :iagree:

I see.
Sooo… about that limiter program…

NetLimiter will do what you seek.

Thanks, but… have you even read my first post?

Sorry, silly of me.
I must have read right over it.

I found out two things… the first one is that hubs don’t ban you if you just limit to 90% upload or so (I’m no leecher), the second one is that the statement on the RevConnect home page (stating that NetLimiter will crash RC) is total bullshit. It’s been running all night with netlimiter on with no crashes whatsoever.
So, it seems netlimiter is good after all. I’ll still have a look at the other link, though… thanks :slight_smile:

well if you used any limiter program then you are just leacher :iagree:

But as for your Q&A revconnect comes with are buffer {that doesnt slow the upload to 1bs} if you tick it. It will slow the upload and let you download faster.

Any download relies on your upload bandwidth for error correction/TX/RX info to be sent back. If the upload rate is too high, then the download rate suffers, and can sometimes become so slow, people couldn’t be bothered.

While leechers tend to minimise the upload (for an unknown reason, since I’ve only seen 1 ISP which charges extra/counts upload from the monthly limit) for other connections like low-bandwidth ADSL it makes sense.

If people are uploading at full rate, they can’t download. If they can’t download, they give up on that program. If they give up, that’s another person that you won’t be able to download anything from.

Think about it. I’m sure the RIAA/MPAA have. I’m sure they release alot of proggies that kick people that limit upload bandwidth. After awhile, enough people adopt it, and it ends up kicking just about everyone. P2P dies.

Nuff said.

the way to get sued by the RIAA/MPAA and for them to actually have a case is if they can download the file from you, thus proving you had it to offer in the first place. no upload -> no people downloading from you -> less likelyhood of suit.


If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

No upload -> No P2P -> No Positions for the RIAA internet monkeys or Anti-Pirate Marketters,

Aka: You are indirectly responsible for an increase in the nations unemployment rate …

That’s not something you want on your conscience …

Share & share alike.
The principle of P2P, aka Filesharing, is … sharing.

Now sharing … is something you learn from Sesame Street … All those people that watched “Play school” as children, grew up to be selfish buggers.

Hell no. I’ve limited my upload to 26 KiB/s (my adsl link’s theoretical maximum upload speed is 32). People can still download from me, so I’m definitely not a leecher. A leecher is someone who prevents other people from downloading entirely.
Anyway, the “use small buffer” feature of RevConnect, if that is what you’re talking about, is worthless.

Given the description, I’d suggest it causes the program to thrash your HD a little more to save on RAM usage.

Possibly, but it does my downloading no good at all.

Aye … and it does alot worse for your HD too :wink:

You’ve got to be kidding right???
When my upload is too high, I usually get complimented, and you’d be surprised how many IRC folds wrote “WoW gread speeds dude”… etc… :bigsmile:

On another note, one reason why people limit upload bandwidth, not to be leecher, but just as an example, my crappy ISP, Optonline, will cap your upload if you do it too much for too long at full throttle. The reason for this I guess, as the reason for any company to hate it, is because upload is what costs them $$$ to provide to the end user.

Nope. Dead serious. (For the second time ever).
ADSL was designed for downloading, not uploading. Most comms are TCP, which sends back results from the downloaded data, approximately 1:20 of the download. For P2P, there is alot more control data. Dropouts & connection failures will be common.
On top of that, web surfing will practically be impossible. And if you have other network users on the Internet connection, it’s downright rude to be using the full upload bandwidth, as it makes the internet unusable.

Anything above 20KB/s (from 32KB/s) adversely affects the downloads. Anything above 16KB/s will make web-surfing pathetically slow, even though the P2P downloads may be only 1/8 of the rated speed.

Actually not. Your ISP will charge other ISP’s for anything they download from their service. The reason they hate people uploading is because they gear their bandwidth allocation asynchronously, aka, most users are downloaders, hence a split, maybe 90:10 download:upload. When many people are uploading using P2P, they cannot predict how much upload bandwidth will be required.
Besides, there are also the legal issues that ISP’s don’t want to have to deal with.

Apparently, the old 1.30 version of NetLimiter does cause occasional crashes in RevConnect, but the new 2 version doesn’t. RC doesn’t even recognize its presence.
I’ve limited RC’s upload to 25KiB/s out of 32 and it seems to be working fine. RC downloads are speedy and internet browsing is, if not as fast as when I’m not uploading anything, still perfectly acceptable.

Have you also tried to share the connection with 4 other people?