Bands debut dual-sided CD/DVD hybrid

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The Donnas and Simple Plan, two rock bands under the label
of the Warner Music Group released this week the first two albums on a new, so
called DualDisk. The Dual Disk is a new hybrid…

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There’s nothing new about this idea - several dual CD/DVD discs were released in Australia at least four years ago - compilations, mainly, if I remember correctly. The press release the record company (Roadshow) sent out at the time had everyone laughing, as it claimed “innovation” when it was quite clear that all they’d done was stick two discs together :slight_smile:

to bad they don’t know what there doing if you bought the donna’s dual disc album the last song would end after 53 seconds if you listen to it on the dvd side you will hear that the song is actually 2 minutes and 53 seconds sounds like it was a bad mastering problem and not a problem with the disc but still not good either way

Is this DVD-Audio answer to SACD’s backwards compatibility?

I think so. It’s made because a lot of people still haven’t got DVD-Audio. To keep up with the SACD they have made this new Dual CD. It’ has nothing to do with the australian CD’s mentioned above, but is a breakthrough for DVD-Audio hopefully

The CD has been withdrawn from the market due to problems with one of the tracks. This link provide more info :

It seems like somebody forgot you can only get 58 minutes on the CD side and tried to glassmaster beyond that point. SA-CS2CD is better.

Thanks for the link Pilen. Maybe this should be posted as an additional news article? At the least, I like this proposal made by atlantic-records: "'If you decide to keep the DualDisc, email us at '“ '“ and we’ll provide you with a free, CD-quality download of ‘Have You No Pride’. " By the way, these “dual sided” discs make it more important than ever to back up your discs! Dual sided media is much easier to scatch due to higher exposure and the additional surface area.
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As said before there is NOTHING New to this Kind of band Release! Nightwish for example released 2001(!!!) a CD “OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY” wich was one side Audio and DVD on the other…:X