Bandai CSS/CPMM Protection

Hey i have a Bandai Anime DVD (My Otome vol.4) its brand new no scratches or anything im just trying to make a back up but, it has some sort of new css/cpmm protection. i couldnt bypass it. i’m currently trying the dvd fab beta and its currently taking a long time and really reading slow…
like 0.3M/B’s its on VTS_4_3.Vob i think this is where the css/cpmm protection is at in this set its been on that file for like a long long time but, the completion/copy % continues to move up strangly enough… i guess this is a good thing. Anyone else experience a new protection like this before? Also is it normal for dvdfab to take this long, and if your dvd did finsh 100% completely did everything work out ok… thanks:)

hope everything works out if it finshes…:frowning:

ETA: 43.15% complete 25:19:02 left to go… curret read speed 0.04M/B


If it fails, please send us the IFO files, thanks.

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Great i will do that if it fails… thanks for your reply and support.

I have the exact same problem. im also experiencing two tracks (both 1h 16 min long) so there’s probly a dummy too. but its basicly an anime Bandai dvd (Flag Vol.2) and it has that css/cpmm protection. so ive tried different approaches and all failed even dvd fab. it just wont open the disc. All in all, im out off ideas so ill be sending some IFOs to you Fentago. see what you can do about it :slight_smile:

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Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:


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I think its most likely this problem, since its both Bandai DVDs: