Band Of Brothers Disc 3... wierd problem

I was backing up Band of Brothers Disc 3. I have already backed up disc 1 and 2 no problems.

For some reason, when I started to back up Disc 3 with CloneDVD2 and Anydvd, it said estimated time to copy to the hard drive was 48 minutes I though this was strange, because normally it takes less than 30 minutes to copy to HD and Burn to disc

I stopped the process after about 10 minutes, checked my DMA settings, all was good. I went ahead and cleaned my Temp files etc, and restarted the computer, and tried again. This time it only took a total of about 23 minutes to rip and burn at 8X.

Any Ideas what may have slowed me down? :confused:

The only thing I noticed in the ANYDVD summary for that disc that I hadn’t noticed before was it said “Layers 2 (parallel)” and I thought it normally said "Layers 2(opposite) "

BTW this is a New Dell XPS / 2.8GHZ Intel Pent Dual Core/ 2 Gigs Ram / 250 GB HD/ XP Media Center and a Philips 8801 (Benq 1650) DVD

Well it be also good if you tell us what version you are using for both CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD? And post us excatly what error came up just telling us won’t give us much idea what that means. Did you get that same message when you did that same process on DVD1 and DVD2 of that series-like tell us what info it said about saying parrallel or opposite? Also have you searched the site for anyone else experiencing the same problem with those DVD series?

I have both of the latest versions and updates for Clonedvd2 and AnyDVD( ?).(I’m not home to give you the exact version numbers but they are the very latest and up to date.)

Also I never received any [B]error[/B] messages, just an estimated read time that was 3 times longer than usual. The [B]read time [/B] was almost [B]1 hour [/B] for 2 episodes that are only 1hr 57 minutes long Total.

The “Layers 2 (Parallel)” was under the DVD Info page of ANYDVD that tells you the region, Title name, Copy protection etc. It was not an error screen.

I guess I shouldn’t stress over it since it backed up normally on the 2nd attempt, and I imagine it would have backed up the first time albeit very slowly had I not stopped the process.


was there anything running in the background? an antivirus program doing a background system scan? windows update doing an auto-download?

you certainly did the right thing by checking your DMA first. may have to just chalk it up to “one of those things”

if it ever happens again check the background processes/services to see if anything unusual is running. it’s possible that another program was hogging the processor at the time of the burn.

some users that are having issues see a speed increase when they turn off the animated sheep in clonedvd’s options. Maybe your burn times will be more consistent if you attempt this.

if it was only a one-time thing I wouldn’t worry too much about it. if it starts happening consistently I would evaluate what programs are on your computer and whether or not they might be performing tasks in the background or just generally interfering.


Nothing was running that isn’t normally running. I don’t like to turn off the antivirus/ firewall, because the DSL is connected, and I am paranoid.

BTW how do you turn off the animated sheep? The very first time I used it, there was a “graph” that was showing what looked like a scan, but I only saw it the very 1st time I used it, after that the sheep was there.

I like the graph better than the goofy sheep :Z LOL

Click on the sheep to get the graph.

Thanks TRU !!