Ballmer predicts the next generation XBox will overtake Sony

I just posted the article Ballmer predicts the next generation XBox will overtake Sony.

 GristyMcFisty used our    news submit  to tell us that Steve Ballmer recently granted an interview  with C|Net, where he talked a bit about innovation at Microsoft. Or maybe  it was the...
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What a Scream!!! :B Did he not say this with Xbox 1? I’m sure he did.

Even if he did say the same thing with Xbox 1, I doubt anybody would have believed him, not even Bill Gates would have. Sony were well and truely un-touchable with the PS2, but the next gen race is wide open.

This could be good and bad for gamers… Good in the sense that the units will be cheap, possibly forcing Sony to drop prices to compete with the new Xbox and at the same time forcing them to take a loss as well… Keep in mind, Sony is not a small company either and they have cash streaming in from electronics and entertainment divisions… Sony can also sell their units at a loss to compete with MS, so we can make out in this respect. Bad cause they will just make back the money lost on the units by increasing the prices on the game software…

Steve Ballmer would make a good garden gnome. Having said that, he’s right about the Xbox 2. If it can get to market first then (which it will)it will more than likely knock Sony off it’s pedestal. I’m just interested in seeing the official specs for all 3 systems.