Baldur's gate + Tales of the Sword Coast

Hi, I am new to these forums and am having trouble making backups of the titles mentioned above using Alcohol 120% v.1.9.5. My discs are getting to the point where, while they still work perfectly fine, I am getting anxious to back them up and use mounted images while playing them. The trouble is that when I try to install the games using the images that I created, the setup program will not recognize the second disc (and presumably those that follow) once it is finished copying from the first, regardless of the drive letter that I mount it to. I keep getting a “please insert the correct disc” type error.

From reading these forums I presume that it has something to do with the way that I am creating the images, and not the discs themselves, which as I mentioned work perfectly and are defect free. From other sites, I have been able to gather that BG-I and TOSC do not have any disc protection that should interfere with Alcohol 120% making the backups that I want.

I have searched these forums for clues, but they results for keywords “Baldur’s” and “Gate” appear to retrieve information that is useful for backing up BG-II. Can anyone help me out here, please?

While I was making my BG-I backups, I also made backups of my BG-II and Throne of Bhaal discs not realizing that they are protected by SecureROM v4.82.00.0139 and Laserlock. I have not tried them yet, but I suspect they are bad images as well so any tips that you readers may have for me in that regard would be appreciated also.