Baldur's Gate/ Jedi Knight Dark forces 2

I am having trouble making backup copies of these 2 games with my CD writer (HP 7200). I am new to copying CD’s and need any help or advice out there. Thanks.

Hey dude, okay i have a copy of baldurs gate, i got it from a friend, and he is really new at this, so the only thing that i could think of is trying to use, cdrwin or nero, or try looking at for patches and stuff

Hi Raven,
Well, BG isn’t protected, it’s only oversized, so either overburn normal CDs (depends on ur writer), or use 80’ CDs.
U shouldn’t have any problems,

Thanks for the help, I was able to copy Baldur’s Gate, by ignoring errors on CDRWin.
Any ideas on Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2.

I don’t think Jedi Knight 2 has copy protection but I put a copy of mine that was burned with cdrwin (and doesn’t need a crack) that I tested with ClonyXXL v2.0.0.2 and it said this.

“Es wurde kein SekuROM new gefunden”


Also I wonder if the cue/bin I got was pre-cracked?

Nether Baldur’s Gate or Jedi Knight 2 have copy protection,i dont know about any other burning software but to copy using clone cd,read image with nothing ticked,write, only tick close last session(use 80 min disks).

P.S. If your not sure about the image put it on a rewriteable or use daemon tools to see if the image works fine before u burn it off.

Yeah its ok now I burned onto c CDRW with CDRwin and its all ok. I’m assuming you mean use 80min CDRwin for baulders gate not Jedi Knights 2?

Originally posted by Chewbacca
“Es wurde kein SekuROM new gefunden”


“Es wurde kein SekuROM new gefunden” = Securom new was not found.

best I can get is,

“No SekuROM new was found”

By the way, anybody know what “kein” settings should be? I am trying to make a back-up of “medal of honor”