Baldur's Gate 2, copy protection?

My friend has been trying to back up his Baldur’s Gate 2 cds, and always failed. I have tried and succeeded to copy all but one of the cds using CDRWIN, he was using adaptec. Is there some sort of protection on the cds or was it just that adaptec is not the best burning program to be using to copy the cd. i am going to try and us CloneCD to copy the last disk. I was just wondering what kind of protection was used on these disks. Thank you.

Baldurs Gate 2 has no copy protection as i know.

I copied all CDs with Clone CD there were no read erros or something else.

Maybe you got a new Version,download Clony 1.7

It will tell you the Protection,and how to copy your CDs with Clone CD.

good luck :slight_smile:

There is NO protection on Baldur’s Gate, either 1 or 2.
You do not need to use Clone, any burning software will do it.
If you have trouble reading any of the discs then it is due to the fact it is damaged.

Thanks alot. i got the cds back uped now, i tried using cdrwin again and it worked. thanks for the info.

i copied BG2 with Nero 5, it doesn’t seem to be protected…
perhaps they thought that since the game is 4 cd’s noone should bother buying a pirated copy, while with a little more money he could get the original…
hmm it seems that this is the best copy protection around :wink:

In this thread it says that the new BG2 executable is embedded with a new Securom version – Baldur’s Gate II (BG2) v4.82.00.0139. However, the messages above imply that the CDs do not contain any form of protection at all.

Therefore, the only thing I can guess that could cause the backup disc to fail is that the new Securom executable would be able to identify the “back-up copy” of BG2 as a CDR/RW media. Now disabling the ATIP-check (enabling Hide CDR-Media option of CloneCD) would solve the “copy protection” of BG2, unless the new Securom version (executable only, not the CD itself) would blacklist CloneCD’s Hide CDR Media feature rendering the game not playable if this feature is turned on.

Now this can of course also be circumvented if you’re reading the backup CDR/RW media from a CDROM drive that doesn’t recognize the difference between a pressed CD and a recordable CD.

Has anyone actually tested that his backup BG2 CDs don’t work when he downloaded the latest BG2 executable update?