Bah @ .wmv



I’m sitting here wondering why I can dl a 340kbps .wmv video from one site but when I put it on my site and try to download it, it just throws a network error and closes windows media player.

Someone enlighten me.

I’m trying to display several small (1-2mb) .wmv’s on my site but most of them just throw a network error.

Without success, I’ve tried:

Streaming (added mime types .wvx & .wmv to server config)
Right click and save target as
Shutting down firewall

They all throw the same network error or just stop dl/ing.

Anyone have any insights why this isn’t working?

Thanks for anything.


Hi Zoobie,

Could be that your ISP hosting your site has a max. Speed of dl set on your site which may be lower than 320 Kb/ps. Since wmv is not a buffered format such as the remaining stream formats such as Real, this could cause a prob. in a site with a lower dl speed than the bitrate of the file. So instead try the real formats or other stream formats available on the net. OR the digital media subscription on yor player may be over resulting in the error. Try checking the subscription on your WMP.

Hope this helps.