Bah. Got a Buslink that says 'Justlink'. Should i return it?

Ordered a Buslink 52X24X52X CD-RW drive from Staples and it says ‘Justlink’ and ‘Justspeed’ on the box. I have read a few threads about this and am wondering is it really that bad? Should i return it or just keep it. A staples store is like 15mins away from my house, so i dunno what to do. The reason why i even bothered ordering the drive is because my current burner doesn’t support safedisc, plus for $15, i just couldn’t resist.

Model: RW5252, UPC: 677891137117

Please advise.


SMART-Burn is Lite-On. Just-Link is Ricoh. I don’t know, do you want to return it? I mean it’s your money.

If you’re keen to get Safedisc support then return it.
The Ricoh is a good drive but it won’t do most protected stuff.

Knew the deal was too good to be true. Oh well, i’ll go to staples and see if they have any smartburns there. Wonder if buslink would exchange them…

good news! I called staples and they had the smartburn one in stock (only one). Went over and exchanged it.