I think i got a DVDR that’s failing.
I want to do a scan with nero’s cd/dvd speed.
What’s the graph got to look like or what tests have i got to run to tell me i have 100% no data loss or corrption on the DVD-R so its ok to copy everything back to the pc from the DVD.
I didn’t realise how easily TY Discs got affected by dust.
Put the disc in, done a scan with CD/DVD Speed to find lines all over the place.
Dusted off disc, put back in, scanned it, results looked ok.



do a transfer rate test with cd speed or test rip it to hard drive with dvddecrypter. post the cd speed scan or log from dvddecrypter.


I’m using a Pioneer 107-D.
These are being burned at 6x
Both Burned DVD-R’s have been on top of each other in 1 single jewel case.


have you got a drive that will read to 16X and you need to do a full test stopping it part way through will tell you nothing.


Well i thought that theres no pount carrying on because ive already been told the pioneer doesnt give accurate results.
Nah the writers highest write speed is 8 i think.


No, the cdspped/dvdspeed transfer rate test is NOT the same thing as an error scan. I does however seems to do a pretty good job of testing that all the data is readable.

Anyway, I think you’ve got the wrong idea about what these “error” scans are about. All burnt media (and I think most originals) will read back with correctable errors during, but the inbuilt error correction makes sure that there are no actual errors in the final data. The error scans are meant to report information about this underlying error correction process to give a better indication of quailty than can be gauged from a simple transfer rate scan.


aah gotcha.

I need a bit of software which is going to tell me with maybe a graph that’s dead accurate, it will tell me if i have any corruption on the disc caused from…well anything!!
Bad burn, bad disc, too high speeds.
Also which tells me what files the errors are on.


Surely the surface scan and file scan feature in CD/DVD Speed would be accurate at telling me whether i have 100% data still on the disc??

I just wanna be competely clear here.
I need a writer that’s going to display honest scan results.
I need a software that’s going o tell me i have 100% data on the discs with no errors or bad burns r anything.



First of all, it is unlikely any quality disk you burn will be a coaster straight from the burner when burnt at its rated speed. (overspeeding is a different matter)

However, that doesn’t mean the disk does not have any errors on it. It is basicly impossible to write a disk with absolutely no errors on it, and it is equally impossible for a read head NOT to introduce errors of its own on readback. This is not a problem because the drive will automaticly correct these minor errors. (and does so, without the user ever knowing normally)

Secondly, if you set the priority of nero cdspeed to high (using task manager), and press start, and actually LET it finish reading the entire disk, you should get an almost perfectly straight line left to right on the read graph. Tiny glitches can be ignored, as they are likely due to timing rather then disk problems. If there are serious slowdowns on the Pioneer 107D while reading the disk at 8x, you should consider reburning the disk. If there are actual unrecoverable errors, you will get an error message in a dialog with “UNRECOVERABLE ECC ERROR” or something similar.

As for data corruption, that isn’t going to happen on a normally burnt disk unless your processor/memory or motherboard is broken. The DVD stores data with a lot of extra error correction information, and your average DVD will require the use of this error correction hundreds of times a second during DVD access. If the error correction cannot handle the error rate from a particular disk, it will not silently corrupt your data (unless you specificly ask), it will return an UNRECOVERABLE ECC ERROR. Data is also protected from the disk controller over the cables to the drive, because the cables also use ECC to verify the data is being sent to the drive correctly. ECC is also used when reading data from the hard drive into memory.

So any DVD you burn that reads back properly, will have 100% of your data on the disk.


Thanks very much.
I now need to make a final desision** on a DVD Writer.
By fact please not by opinion lol.
It’s just i want one that’s going to last one hell of a long time, has good compatibility with TY media, burns up to 16x and is fine with error checking.
Have so far been told to get BenQ, everyone agree??