BadTrans virus bites Windows users hard

I just posted the article BadTrans virus bites Windows users hard.

A new week and new virus trouble is out so time to update the virus scanners and becarefull with your email.

Computer users turned on their PCs this morning to find their In-boxes flooded with…

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Damn I have the kdll.dll file… Should I be alarmed? Let’s see what NAV2002 finds…

Hmm it did find the virus but said ‘Can’t repair it’ :frowning: Well that’s big help…

Sorry GAM3FR3AK, but NAV200x simply SUX :r Better get the scanner from

I know it sucks :(…All the viruses NAV has found for me it doesn’t repair

To GAM3FR3AK Be sure it’s really kdll.dll (trojan) and not skdll.dll (Micro$oft)… if it’s the trojan, try to quanrantine the file.

When are they going to hunt down those virus makers and hang them? And while they’re at it, why not hang Bill ‘security hole’ Gates. I get about 20 virusses each day in my mailbox.

GAM3FR3AK: If NAV says it can’t fix it, it’s usually because the file is resident in memory and the file is locked by the OS for writing/deletion. Just reboot into dos and delete the file manually and rerun your NAV to be sure you got it all…

Thanks all for the help… I’ll try some things and see if it works. I got 10 more copies today of the virus via e-mail. Really irritating because the subject line is mostly ‘Re:’ and I get a lot of mail each day so I usually just open it. Now when I open such an e-mail NAV pops up “You have a virus … can’t repair, blablabla” but Outlook Express (6) does warn me if I want to open the mail because it might contain a virus (and indeed it does). I’ve always selected No so I wonder if I’m really infected. I do have a proper firewall installed (ZoneAlarm Pro) and no app has tried to connect thus far nor did my mail program send out messages containing the virus (at least none I know of).

  1. don’t use outlook. it is worse than the virus. if no one used outlook there would be very few virus. MS should be fined every time a virus came out, then maybe they fix their program. 2. anti-virus programs don’t help in situations like this. new virus just slip by as the anti-virus programs don’t look for new virus. 3. gamefr3ak: firewall won’t help. unless it is like the nimda virus which looks for web servers, and again only MS IIS, anyone seeing a patern here??