Badly Scratched discs

What’s the best fix for a badly scratched disc. I’ve been using toothpaste and cold water with so-so results. :confused:

a very good reader. have you tried one of those washer/descratcher things they sell in Sam Goodys?

I’ve used the Disk Doctor to repair discs that would not read in any of my players. After I get them done with the disk doctor, I immediatly make a good backup copy. Haven’t had it fail on one yet…

My local Blockbuster also offers a professional disc cleaning system. The last time I used it, the cost was $5.

The best fix, unfortunately is a new copy of the disc. I have wasted hours and hours of my life with scratched discs. This stuff works great. I have fixed many disks with this stuff, My daughter is hell on disks! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

my Premium does an amazing job at DAE on badly scratched CDs then i immediately burn several new copies. my 716s do a great job with scratched DVDs.

they’ve both been known to read even “cracked” discs though i’ve never tried that.

The Disk Doctor does a pretty good job, but failing that, don’t waste lots of money buying dedicated scratch removing polishes. Buy a can of T-Cut or similar abrasive car colour restorer and use this for deep scratches, always rubbing at 90 degrees to the centre hubring, in other words, from the outer edge to the inner hole, using even pressure, and don’t just do where the scratch is. Do the whole disk to keep the surface as even as possible. Use a small piece of smooth wood, about two inches long, half inch thick and one inch wide wrapped in a piece of strong cotton cloth/linen and keep the disk flat on a very flat surface such as a kitchen worktop.

Light scratches can be removed/improved using Brasso or similar, an extremly fine abrasive metal cleaner. Use in the same manner as above.