Badged 1653s doesn´t burn anymore



hi guys,
my badged (4kus) liteon 1653s (CSTJ) doesnt burn anymore. it´s installed as secondary/master drive (the slave one´s a toshiba sd 1802). it is recognised as cd-rom, but also still opens DVD´s. but then, instead of reading them, it makes a sound as it would work at full speed, but the led is out and the movie or whatever doesn´t get started. when i try to burn something, it always says that i should insert empty media. i tried to install the new firmware CSOM, but it failed. do i have a hardware-prob?
the toshiba, a dvd-rom-drive, works. three days ago, even the dvd-rom was not recognised.
someone´s got an idea what i can do about that?? i had to install XP again and since then… :rolleyes:
thanks a lot in advance


Sounds like your IDE controller is having a slight issue. Take out the Lite-ON, and set the toshiba on Secondary/Master. Turn the computer on, and see if it works. if it does, Swap the Toshiba and Lite-ON, keeping the Secondary/Master setting. If it still recongnizes the drive, the two drives are not compatible. This is rare, but it does happen. If it doesnt recongnize the Lite-ON, your drive may be in need of repair. If it doesnt recongnize either, your controller is messed up.