Baddly! turns out gurilla and sapian are really gay!

ok i got the 2 programs in the title for halo ce and they did not help much. i NEED a program for edditing halo that will:

  1. have a 3D preveiw so you can like move around and stuff lol
  2. be able to move objects around and save changes that you make to the map.
  3. (optional) be able to place teleporters around the place.
    4.YOU MUST be able to edit halo custom edition maps on it. able to duplicate objects that are already in the map. able to insert other objects.
    To whoever can sucessfully help me with this i am thinking on rewarding them. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS!!!terminator95 :bow::bow:

OK dude, I read your thread and I’m really confused at how an alternative sexual orientation has anything to do with your inability to use your software. Am I missing something, or is there another definition of ‘gay’???

PS: I see now:

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You [I]did [/I]forget to use a title that describes your problem.

sorry mean its like really bad. i was in a rush to post it. do you think you can help me?:bow: