Bad verbatim -R from Meritline?



Have any of you had problems with the special on Verbatim -/+ DVD that were $35 (approx) after rebate? I ordered one of each. The + spindle seems OK. But the 1st 3 from the - spindle have some dye defects that appear AFTER a burn. I tried to take some shots with my digital camera, but haven’t had any luck. When you hold the disc under a lamp, the defects are visible. They look like a dark speck that has a “tail” radiating out towards the edge. 1 of the 3 is a coaster and the other 2 don’t look too pretty and I have to assume they’ll degrade over time and join the other disc.

Any of you come across the same problem. :a


Yep, but on 4x +r for me, in jewel cases in 10s


Meritline is known for customer service issues and seem to have more than their fair share of defective media. Check out Also, ever since Verbatim has switched virtually all of it’s production to CMC Mag and Prodisc, there seem to be more quality control issues.