Bad Verbatim MCC02RG20

Ok, I’m wondering what I should do next with this situation. I recently bought what I researched to be some good media from It was a 100 spindle of Verbatim 8x (MCC02RG20). I’m also using a 1640 w/ BSMB

However, every single freakin backup that I make has some sort of glitch or frame pixelation! And this is with scans of 95-97! Out of 20 burns, probably had 5 keepers. WTF?!? Tried everything in qsuite, and not overspeeding. Does this fall under the ‘warranty’ that verbatim and all the other companies claim to have?

Anyone else buy this from Anyone else having these issues?
Man this is annnoying…
I’ll post some scans later for all…


Run some transfer rate tests on your ‘problem’ discs. Although uncommon, there are times when a disc with great PI/PIF tests can still give you problems, and a transfer rate test will usually reveal this. It could be an issue with high jitter (the quality test will report jitter levels though), it could be an issue with poor reflectivity of those particular discs, it may even be a conflict between those particular discs and your DVD player. Some players are more sensitive to burned media than pressed media, some only work well with -R media, some only work well with +R media bitset to -ROM, etc.

Basically BenQ 1640 is known to be not -R friedly I tried not to burn -Rs with BenQ.


My 1620 and my 1640 seem to like +R media better also, thats not to say -R wont burn on benQ, but I would like to see new 1640 fw to address the problem with qscan on qsuite 2.1 freezing.

Something like this?

I think is the ID, that Benq doesn`t like…evem certified media at 8X :rolleyes:

So i use my Plextor… :disagree:


Hello, I had similar problems with a 25 splinde of Verbatim (MCC02RG20). Every DVD had low PI Failures but high PI Errors increasing a lot at the end. This week I finished that splinde and I started another one, always Verbatim MCC02RG20, bought the same day from the same shop and they are much better.

[EDIT] P.S.: the bad splindle I bought is not from

That is sad, I get better burns from my fake MCC discs (which are really Infosmart). They aren’t pretty, but they aren’t coasters like your scan at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had no problems with this media infact it’s probley one of the more consistent ones I’ve used.

I just got a 25 spindle of Verbatim 8x MCC02RG20. Like Mordorr, my Plextor does better with it, but it’s not too bad.

Burned @8x with BenQ 1640 BSLB
WOPC/SB: On, On, On…
Nero CD-DVDSpeed data disc

Ok here’s the standard scan for this media…

This media has some areas that produce the same errors
PIF of 5 and 7 inbetween 0 and 0.5 GB
PIF block of errors in between 3.5 and 4
And most of the other high spikes…

And after playing with different stand alone players. I have found that it is my player than has trouble with this media. Where there are skips on my player, another player reads it fine with no pixelation…

Dang-nabbit…I don’t want to have to buy a new stand alone!


If you need a desent priced stand alone, check out the philips DVP642
I picked one up from walmart a few months ago an this thing has played everything I have thrown at it so far, an it was cheap.

That kind of scan should have no problem playing back with -R friendly standalone. However it doesn’t hurt to check the Transfer Rate using Nero CD-DVD Speed and see if there’s any slowdowns (read-back problem) in the graph. If the graph is a smooth line, then it’s indeed your standalone is picky with -Rs.

But it’s weird since it doesn’t have a problem with TTG02 -R media (TDK)…but it looks like I’ll start looking for new stand alones…