Bad Verbatim Discs or bad burner?

I’d like a more experienced eye to give me advice on this, please. There is a significant quality difference between by -R burns and my +R burns. I’m using Verbatim discs in this example, but my Taiyo Yuden -R give very similar results to the Verbatims. Here are my questions:

  1. How bad are these -R results in comparison to the +R? I’ve got 200 of the Verbatim DatalifePlus discs and 75 taiyo yuden discs, so I’m wondering if I should buy another drive, or is this -R burn quality acceptable overall for backing up movies long-term?

  2. Can anyone recommend a high quality burner of -R media?

  3. Should I transition away from -R no matter what drive I have?

  4. Is it possible that I got bad Verbatim AND Taiyo discs, or that the quality test is misreporting the -R results? Or do I need to accept that the burner is the problem?

Thank you, everyone. I appreciate the input.




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Why did you scan the TY one at 8x, and the first two at 4x?

Oh, and if you save screenshots, please save them as PNG or at least GIF for the quality. JPEG sucks with screenshots.
Your drive is a relabeled older Lite-On burner (3S series), which likes +R more than -R.
Could it be that your Verb +R are made by CMC and -R made by Prodisc?

…Which means that last one should have been scanned at 4x. Try it again…you may see a different result :wink:

Why did you scan the TY one at 8x, and the first two at 4x?

Sorry. that was a quality scan from several days ago. I uploaded the wrong one. Let me go back and find a 4X scan of that movie…


I’ve quality tested about a dozen DVDs. With +R I get substantially less PIE errors (15,000-17,000 total on +R as opposed to 150,000-390,000 for -R) but the +R media gives me more PIF failures. (400-700 total for +R, but usually only around 75-150 for -R media)

Here is Taiyo at 4X scanning:

Yes, get more +R media. They are usually the same price or only slightly more expensive than -R, but the most important thing is that your burner likes them :wink:
I prefer +R media, for slightly different reasons though (bitsetting, better error correction…).

But the -R media I’m using, the final burns, are they worth using as long-term backups? The examples listed above are representative of all other -R burns. Should I reburn the 30 movies I’ve done? Or are these acceptable for long-term storage?

Verbs yes, TY no.
Are the TYs actually genuine? do they have the GG hub code?

They are definitely TY. Checked everything possible to verify this.

Your scans PIEs are not unusual for these MIDs burnt in older LiteOn burners. Either change your burner (any recent drive from LG, Pioneer, or LiteOn will do better with -R. - oh also Benq 1650/55 but I don’t recommend the 1670), or as kg_evilboy proposes, use mainly +R.

As for “is it worth for long-term archiving”, this has not much to do with the original scans. :disagree: It has to do with your discs stability (that you can check by re-scanning after some time like 6-8 months), and the way you store and handle your discs.

I certainly don’t share the general tendency to think that discs with original excellent PIE/PIF scans will last longer. This is simplistic in my book, just as simplistic as saying that between two cars, the one with a fuller tank will necessarily run longer than the one with a less full tank. It sounds right, logical, but in real-world it’s neither.

Thank you.