Bad to keep movies/music on pause for several minutes or more?

I once read somewhere–I believe some place in these forums even–that it’s bad (just generally damaging to data) to keep media (i.e. movies/music) on pause for several minutes or more. I was wondering if anyone can confirm or deny this claim. More specifically, is there also a difference in potential damage of a lengthy pause on a cd/dvd disc vs. a lengthy pause on an internal or external hard drive?

Thank you!

It shouldn’t be a problem to pause playback of a DVD or CD. You may check the manual of your player if there is additional information about this.
My own DVD player (cheapo Philips) switches from Pause to Stop after some time.


Pausing on a Burnable disc (a DVD-R/CD-R) has been reported as damaging to the disc.

on a CD/DVD? I doubt it.

pausing media content on a HDD?

If someone suggested that to you as evena remote possibility, I’d suggest you think up a somewhat nasty practical joke to pay them back
for pulling your leg.


Unless a DVD player or CD player has something wrong with it & is damaging disc even when played I would say pause creates no damage.
I agree with Alan on the hdd.
There was a problem with VHS on a long pause but most VCR’s had a timed pause that helped.
Just a hint : If I’m going to pause my standalone for a long time I just use Stop with resume.

Thanks for the quick replies. You confirmed my doubts on the matter, but I just wanted some feedback from the experts here so I could be sure. Thank you!