Bad to have tray bezel off?

I’ve removed the front of my PX-716’s drive tray (tray bezel) because it won’t fit through the stealthed drive bay of my Shuttle XPC. Is it bad to be using the drive without the tray bezel? Will I see a performance decrease with the tray bezel off? Thanks for any help.

My guess would be an increased chance of dust contamination and possible disruption of airflow. Just a guess!

Definently more chances of getting dust in your drive, I dunno about the airflow, but I’d leave the bezel on, or score a new one. :iagree:

I have stealthed quite a few burners on my Slix (Creative SFFs) without such problems.

C3 Slix (Shuttle SS51G OEM)

SiS661 Slix (Acorp OEM)

Actually, I have a Shuttle SN25P which has a drive bay door. The tray bezel of the PX-716A’s is a little taller / higher than the top of the drive bay opening. The PX-716 is already mounted the lowest it will go in its drive bay.

My Shuttle SN95G5 XPC has a PX-712A installed without the tray bezel attached. I did this because upon closing the tray it would hang on the Shuttle’s faceplate. I haven’t had any problems so far with dust since the Shuttle faceplate does a good job of keeping it out. Here’s an image that shows my Shuttle and the PX-712A installed:

@ MacClipper, KikAzz graphics on you rigs, Id like to make some like that.

Thanks G@M3FR3@K. That’s good to hear about the good dust protection from the Shuttle’s drive bay door. I haven’t noticed any dust buildup either in the four days I’ve had this PX-716A (without tray bezel) in my SN25P.