Bad time to buy Ritek disc?

Seems recently, Ritek has problems with making there DVDRs. So is it a bad time to buy those, because I’m planning to buy some Ridate 4X. If it is not a good time, what media should I get now except for TY, because I want some disc around USD0.5-0.8. Thank you very much.

while they last if i were you id get the prodisc r02s from much better than ridatas at least in consistency. Id stay away from the prodisc r03s as mine arnt too good.

People have been having problems with Ritek DVD’s for as long as there have been Ritek DVD’s. It’s usually drive specific, but they do also make some truly crappy media at times. Look for some Maxell -R on sale, if you must have -R.

Bestbuy did have verbatim dvd-rs on sale 50 for 39$ not sure the manufactor on those though.

Has anyone noticed a difference in the Riteks DVD-Rs that have “Ridata” labeled on the inner clear plastic ring, and the ones that don’t? The matte finish Riteks have been coming down in price quite quickly recently- to about $58 for 100 after coupon in some stores (such as shop4tech), and I recently bought an order for 100. However, these did not have the Ridata label on them, and after having burned over 100 successful Riteks (all were from an old shipment with the Ridata label on the discs) with very good Kprobe scans on my Liteon, I have had 2 consecutive bad burns resulting in bad pixelation and freezing during playback on my Pioneer and Panasonic players. And I’ve only tried two discs so far. I hope not all 100 are like that, or I’m going to be very pissed. There’s recent talk about “Grade A” Riteks and non-grade A Riteks, which I saw mentioned in other forums. Anyone know for sure if there’s such a thing. I might be inclined to believe it after my recent bad luck with the new shipment without the “Ridata” label.

ridata labels are usually better quality than ritek you probably have non grade A disks. Thats why i steer clear of those disks. prodiscs are more consistent for the same price imho…though even those vary some.

That’s seems I’d better pay more for TY…
this seems more safe…
any comments about TY in, or

I’ve bought 200 TY 4x DVD+Rs from ACCA products, and I haven’t had a bad burn so far @ 8x on my PX-712A. They come well-packaged in 50-pc cakeboxes.

I switched from ritek printables to Prodisc r03 printables. So far i’ve burned about 120 prodisc with one coaster. Image quality seems great also. Plus I can print all the way to the hub and the print quality is great. At 50 cents apiece it’s a steal.

Just wondering where you get your printable prodisc r03 disks for 50cents each? I’d love to pick some up for that price! What speed can you burn them at?

I get my Prodisc r03 at I can burn them at 4x times on my nec 2500 1.06fw. The price has been falling like crazy on these disc, used to be 78 cents, now my be less then 50 cents. Look at the kprobe test on these disc, they have some really low errors.

Beware of buying media from, (AKA Meritline), they will send you most anything and call it what they like.

Supermediastore is NOT meritline.
I know many people that have ordered from supermediastore and have not had any problems whatsoever.

I may have them confused with another. Some time ago, Yahoo used to re-direct all media purchases to a store that was a front for Meritline. I thought it was supermediastore, but I might be mistaken. Anyway, Yahoo has ended that arrangement and now I can’t find the store again. :confused:
My old brain can’t keep them all straight.

ahhh the old Yahoo “front” may have been named something similar…
That must be why some people are confusing supermediastore with Meritline.

Apparently, Meritline also was in the habit of “borrowing” images from supermediastore.
Supermediastore is now watermarking all of their images due to this.

Yes supermediastore is not Meritline, they have always sent me exactly what I order (I check them all). I’ve been a happy customer for months. If you look closely at Meritline pictures they do not always match the product, a warning sign for me.

although prodisc r03s are ok i still like the ro2 printables for .48 each at better burns and more consistent than the r03s :wink:

and if you can get r03s for .50 id like to know where because the cheapest ive seen is like .65 cents.

I made a mistake, i’ve been calling the prodisc R03, when the media code is S03 :slight_smile: Sorry if there was any confusion.

didnt read the whole forum but i am having some horrible results with my riteks without the ridata logo on the bottom of the disc. the ones with the logo worked great most of the time though. i always by them from the ones with the white matte finish have the logo and the silver ones do not.

Anyone have an opinion as to whether I’d be better off buying prodisc r02’s for $0.48 a piece or to pay more and buy the samsung rebranded TY media from Newegg (50pk for $42.99)?