Bad syncing



I am using the newest version of Nero Vision, and am having trouble with multiple videos.

For example, if i have 4 tv shows i want to burn, the first usually plays ok, but after that, the sync audio to video gets crazy and just worse and worse.

I thought it was the burning, but i always burn to a folder on the desktop first, then BURN to a dvd. The video on the desktop is not in sync either, so it’s a problem with the media or the nero right?

Any ideas?


No, it’s a problem with the source audio.


So the original download contains the problem?

The original .avi doesn’t give me any problems during playback, just the altered .vob version.


Ehrm, hoho.
Here is a sneak tip:
Open the “original avi” into virtualdub, select video direct stream output and audio decompress (wave) and then save the avi to hdd.
Load it up into your converter and get the job done.


Update: I tried burning two of the cideo files with CuCusoft, worked great. The quality is not as good as Nero Vision, but it burned fine and encoded fine on my hard drive. This leads me to belive that Nero Vision is at fault.


Could be that it is just a problem with a de-/compressor .


What’s that, and how would i go about testing it?


I think chef is referring to a ‘codec’ (compressor/decompressor, or coder/decoder), and it appears you perhaps already did the testing between those that Nero uses and those that CuCusoft uses.

One thing is for sure, and assuming you’re making a legal download, using other people’s .avi wrapped encodings may cause problems when you re-encode them to MPEG2 (aka the .vob files under the DVD-Video standard).


Yup, exactly what Imeant.

Thanks for the help, [B]imkidd57[/B].


Isn’t there a program that will match the codec’s of the original, and properly encode them using the proper codecs? If i have a KLITE pack, i have every popular codec, i’d imagine it’s one of those.


As already said, if you had used the original sources you wouldn’t have such problems.

Every program is unlike any other.


I’d imagine it’s one of those that’s causing your problems. Installing codec packs is generally a bad idea, as they contain pirated and hacked versions and can break DirectShow for good. Best thing to do is to uninstall them, IMO (although some ‘residue’ gets left behind).


Wow, that goes against everything i heard about packs, thanks…