Bad Spindle Of TY?



I have got 4 spindles of 25 verbatim X8 TY dvd-rs, the first spindle i have opened 3 out 9 discs have burnt at X8 the other 6 have refused to even start burn, the drive just sits there, normally takes 35-45 secs to start up, these times it was sitting there for about 1:30 and on wards, i have to abort the operation once or twice the operation wont stop and i have to reset. I then popped in a Traxdata G04 and it burnt first time, i then opened another spindle of the verbs and the first disc out burnt first time. So could i have here a bad batch of TY’s.?? I’ll try and burn on off the first spindle tomorrow at X4 see if it does the same. But thats not very good if it is a bad spindle considering that TY media is meant to be the best media.

Cant really burn anymore as i have nothing to burn at the mo.


Usually Verbatim is not TY; why do you think it is? What is the media code and what numbers are printed on the hub and where did you buy it? There is a lot of counterfeit Verbatim in Europe. Have you a scan (can’t tell if your Plextor is a DVD drive).


Made in japan, inner ring code GG000110 and theres a indented code on the very inner that has GG at the end. Discs came from blankdiscshop


Chas, I want to say that Plextor is an older CD Writer drive…

Curiously enough, I read a post today where someone said something to the effect of having bought a 5 different color Verbatims, but they came up GG serial, and Nero id’d them as TYG02, as it should have. I think the person said he bought them around Hong Kong.


Yes, I’ve heard of those. They’re called “Chameleon” discs and are Mitsubishi-branded TY, but don’t seem to be of the same quality as unbranded OEM TY or That’s-brand TY discs.


I bought some tubs from SVP and they seem just fine with my writers. (I have nothing Pioneer related) Same price as Datawrite/Ridisc 16x but a world of diff in quality - very good value disc. Try to burn @ 6x (or 4x) I’d guess it’s a drive/media thing :slight_smile:


They are pretty good for me

The quality is very decent, and I have test one that I burned 6 months ago, and it’s still good, got a score of 97 for that one (forgot to save -_-)

I can’t comment on newer Chameleon tho, because the new one use TYG02 and T02.

FYI V-Star(discontinued), Verbatim 5 color(chameleon) is identical to verbatim pastel that sell outside of Asia


Verbatim has recently started to outsource to TY for 8X -R medias as they are switching their MCC production to 16X media.

I confirm that here in Europe there are already many Verbatims -R 8X that are TYG02, I just ordered some from (sadly, SVP doesn’t deliver to Belgium anymore…), I’ll keep you informed on how hey behave in my drives ;).

@Yoda: first do you burn 8X medias on a regular basis with your drive? I’m asking because these G04 that work well are 4X medias, and maybe (maybe) your issue could be drive-related, no media-related…? Of course, even with Verbatim and TY, you may always run into a bad batch, but this is surprising. What is your drive exactly? And firmware?

Secondly, if you’re not used to buy from SVP (blankdiscshop), I can tell you their customer service is outstanding, and you can ask them to exchange your discs. I’ve been a customer there and never encoutered in my life such a friendly staff. :slight_smile:


Im using a pioneer DVR-109XLC1 with firmware version 1.58. I think the problem may be alcohol. As i just backed some files up to a data disc with Ones and that burnt at X8 first time, i then burnt the image that was’nt burning yesterday with Ones and it burnt fine took a little longer though. I then try uninstalling alcohol clean its reg files then installed it again and still it wont burn these X8 discs even at X4 it done the same. So i tryed the same image but this time i burnt it with nero and it burnt first time, i burnt the image again with nero just to check it was luck and it burnt it first time again took about 10 mayber 15 secs longer.

Alcohol has burnt one or two at X8 but thats it, the rest it just sits there with.

Ive only burnt a couple of the TY verb pastels in the past when i was using firmware 1.57 with alcohol i think, but thats it.


I’m not familiar with Alcohol, I v’ already read strange things here and there about this app though. Doesn’t seem quite “trouble-free”… still, it’s very surprising that a burning app “refuses” a certain disc type. There are probably lots of people using TYG02 with Alcohol. So maybe it’s the drive/app combination.

Whatever. Great to learn that these TYG02 Verbatims were not the culprit :cool:


Something wierd is going on with alcohol. The image i was trying to burn was a xbox .iso which burnt fine on a G04 but would’nt burn on a TY X8 disc even when tryed at X4, wasted about 8 discs testing but it burnt fine both in Ones and Nero. But check this i just made a .iso of a film using dvd decrypter and burnt the .iso with alcohol on a TY at X8 and it burnt first time. Strange that, would’nt burn a xbox .iso but would burn a movie .iso. It also burnt a movie .iso that was created with imgtools classic first time. That one was two or 3 days ago.

Think i’ll ask on the alcohol board see if anyone there has encontered problems.


I was referring to the DatalifePlus in 25-discs spindles. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update. As usual, this place is a great source of global information.

Oh-oh, is my agenda showing again? :o


[private joke]Still no money for the room :wink: [/private joke]

Actually someone else already posted this info about a month ago, I don’t remember who though. I couldn’t wait to see the first TYG02 Verbs appearing on the “online shelves”, because as Verbatim was reported to want consistency in prices, it would be a great way to buy genuine TYG02 at a fair price. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still can’t believe that I just bought 125 TYG02 for £ 27.45 ($49.-) :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya, I think i’m gonna be ordering some more along with one more LG :bigsmile:


With these scans, all I can say is… WOAW :eek: - what burning speed?


The alcohol problem i was having i think its just the program, i check the alcohol site forum and i read a couple of threads where people was having the same problem the program not burning X8 TY discs and some other X8 media.

Good discs these though, i was a happy chappy when i saw them on digitalpromo and svp for around £6.40 for 25, works out cheaper to buy 4 spindles than it is too buy 1 spindle of 100 OEM TY, plus these are branded i personal have never really liked plane silver top discs.

Would do a scan with dvdinfopro but i only have a 109XLC1 so the result wound’nt be that accrete.


About problems with 8X discs and Alcohol, I’m interested, do you remember which discs apart from TY, or would you give a link? :slight_smile:

And about buying 4 spindles of 25 branded discs instead of 1 of 100 unbranded discs, oh yeah, I also feel much more comfortable with it and for another reason: these 100 discs spindles are very fragile during transport, I’ve already received 2 crushed, broken, with damaged discs… :frowning: - never happened with 25-discs ones :wink:


From 50 discs 3 are sub 20 PIF. I only burned 8x. There’s many (20 discs) sub 100 PIF (Kprobe) and rest are under 200 PIF. (2-3 around 5-600 PIF) Time will tell their real quality but so far so good :slight_smile:


Thanks for the precisions CJ2 :slight_smile: