Bad sexual experiance

Hi all,

first of all i must say that I am kind of scared to talk about this subject, but i must get this off my chest and i really really need some advise here.

Yesterday was the first time i had ever had sex with a girl. I specify the word girl there because usually i have sex with men. At first it was all nice and it started out to be really nice and exciting. But there was one turning point and that is the point where she took her pants off. Ofcourse i had seen a vagina before, but only online on pictures. And this may sound strange to you all, but i really disliked it. The flesh of the vagina was all soft and wet and to me it reallt smelled bad, even though she had just taken a shower.

Because this was my first time with a woman, i thought that it would just be a part i had to go through. But when the time came and i was, kinda forced, to like her vagina i just had to throw up.
I know this sounds like a bullshit story, but trust me, it really took alot of time and sweat to write this.

The reason that i did, is because the girl i had this “experiance” with, is a really close friend of mine who wanted to “help” me out with part of being gay for 100% sure. Well, this worked out the way i thought, i am gay for sure, but i don’t know what to do with the friendship with this girl.

Is there anyone who has even had an experiance like this, or has some advise? I really really want the friendship back, but i dont think she wants to because she doesn’t return my calls or anything. Please help me out here.

sorry to hear :frowning:

this things happens to friends who have sex…even when you are not gay.
IF she is a real good friend…she will talk to you…I think she is a bit disappointed by the faked…she didn’t excite you. Which i can understand. On the other hand …she could have known that…

I pity you tried to proof you like girls too…i know…eassier said then done…but if you are/feel gay don’t try girls.
Just follow your feelings

Don’t call her…visit her…and talk

good luck m8…i don’t know if the above will help…but i hope it does


the truth, while not always what people want to hear, usually preserves real friendship the best. if you have to lie about it, the friendship itself comes into question.

time cures many wounds, too, sadly :frowning:

I agree with damiandimitri’s advice to you…

Don’t call her…visit her…and talk.

Tell her that you value her frendship and don’t want to lose it.

Because you are gay, you said you did not like this experience with the girl you speak of.

Because we are straight, we can say the same thing - except about guys (and most of us have not had an experience with another guy, including myself). :smiley:

However, I am not gay, so I really wouldn’t know how to help you here. Sorry - do what you got to do is the best advice I think I can give you.

Show her your post or write a letter to her. Things are easier when you have time and can think without fear of confrontation.
Good luck.

Perhaps the problem lies with the fact she probably likes you as more than a friend?

Since you were willing to try having sex with her, it sounds like maybe you were a little curious, and that’s completely normal. As far as your friend goes, tell her the truth - that you know you are gay and do not desire woman. The upfront and honest approach is the best answer sometimes, especially in a case like this. The details of why you were offended by her are not important, and no one needs to have their feelings hurt, or be offended. Sex is overated and over-hyped when related to a persons happyness, and friendship is FAR more important in the long run. Don’t let your mind blow the importance of the experience out of proportion. You both learned something about each other from the situation, so adjust your friendship around it, and move on. Good luck…

“bad sexual experience” ?! - an oxymoron, I thought,

But your story does sound a bit bad.

I think probably one thing we mustn’t overlook is that the vulva/vagina isn’t really a very nice thing.
Quite a lot of girls aren’t entirely at home with this mysterious part of their body.
You can have sex with a girl without having to like it.
There is plenty you can do without having to shove your face in it.
In my (somewhat limited) experience it usually doesn’t smell or taste very nice, but look at what it is/does and go figure. Oral sex with a man probably isn’t exactly egon ronay either.

I say - try again - with the lights out.


but he is gay…he prefers men. Don’t want him to have a second bad experience.

I think he should know that beeing gay is not bad. NO need try a female.

Originally posted by damiandimitri
I think he should know that beeing gay is not bad. NO need try a female.

Agree, no problem with that.

Hey, at least his hands aren’t cold!


yeah…no cold hands :smiley:

sorry but I have to say this …

I would not show the girl this at all cause usually if you discuss stuff like that with other guys or girls they get mad …but you share it with people you dont know …so I am sure she will be really pissed lol …so advice …tell her but do not show her forum … I am about honesty …but come on guys we all know if we showed a women something like this most of them will freak and says OMG you showed the whole world and strangers …is there nothing sacred … Iwould just sit her down and talk to her in person and dont show teh thread …no offense to women out there …

you are right . . .

DON’T show her this. . .:eek:

and for the advice . . :confused:

i really don’t know, you just freaked me out.

i thougt this was a joke at first but man . . .

try and talk to her, and her alone.

like the rest said, talk or write or both . . .

what ever you do, you have to make the chois, not us. . .

we only can give a hint, or an action you cloud take.

to the rest of you guy’s that replyed. . .

respect . . for keeping it real. . :bow: :bow:

i had ( still have ) a hard time believing it :rolleyes:

well, good luck

see yah . . . . :wink:

Well maybe she has more feelings for you then you think.

That could be a reason that she is ignoring your calls.

Also, it isn’t nice for her that a guy thinks she smells funny downunder, so she could be pissed about that also.

Some of my girlfriends tasted great and some tasted like sh@#!t.
Every girl smells different and there’s nothing you can do about.

If I where you I would send her a SMS to say you want to talk to her in private.

When you’re alone you can tell that you’re gay for sure, and that you want to thank her for helping you with that. Also tell her that it isn’t her “fault” and that she’s pretty (although you prefer man).

Tell her that you don’t wanna loose her friendship, but that you can understand that she found it a bad experience (she propably feels rejected).

And ask her if she feels more for you then she told you (you both have to lay your cards open on the table).

But most of all keep calm, be honest and tell her that you don’t want to loose your friendship with here.

Good luck and keep us informed.

PS. Don’t show here the thread!!!

@ DryBabbon and damiandimitri

Are you teasing me and my cold hands?:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice friend… I wish I had a lot of friends like her! :wink:

Just kidding.

As for an advice I think that this isn’t the ideal page to search for an answer. I can’t give you one.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

just a bit TheONE



To admit you are gay is a big step…It must be hard to tell others.
But it is something you have to go through…i guess…
As a hetero i can’t judge exactly about what you feel…but just follow your feelings

Originally posted by giovanni42104
tell her but do not show her forum … I am about honesty …but come on guys we all know if we showed a women something like this most of them will freak

Views: 457 and counting…:bigsmile:

Anyway, in my experience giovanni’s principle pretty much applies to all girls and all “geek” forums: they are best kept separate whatever the situation…:rolleyes: