Bad sectors - severity?



I am working on a project to make backup copies of a bunch of DVDs for a friend. Almost all are older single layer movies which can be backed up quickly by ripping with Decryptor to an ISO and burning that back onto a blank. I’ve been using TY02 disks and Verify after Burn in Decryptor, and quite often it all completes without incident, but sometimes it stops during verify with an unrecoverable read error. I’ve looked at a couple of these with Nero CD-Speed Scandisk, and it usually shows two or three yellow (damaged) or red (bad) squares in the display. When I look at the list of files at the bottom of the Nero window it still gives a quality score of 100 for each chapter. I don’t have the time to sit and watch these disks - I did throw one into a conventional player and can report it played through without locking up and returned to the menu at the end. In real time, real world settop DVD playback, how severe are errors like this liable to be, and how many should I ignore before I can consider I have a coaster? Is there a better tool than CD-Speed to assess condition?


Welcome Slangtruth. Sounds like a false Positive. If all the burns are failing integrity at the same or similar points then sit down and watch one of them. If it seems OK then I think you can safely ascertain that the Verification is incorrect. In relation to coaster or no coaster, yellow suggests that the reader had to have a few attempts to read the block/sector and red indicates it was unable to read it at all after retries.


I think every disc is going to have some errors on it because no dvd is manufactured perfect. If the disc plays fine i wouldn’t worry about it too much, but if you get a disc with alot of errors, i would consider trying a different brand of dvds. From what i’ve read in the forums where people run disc scans, its the severe and multiple errors that cause problems. Usually its from bad media or burning too fast. To minimize errors use good media (which you are) and burn slower. Check out the hardware forums corresponding to who makes your dvd burner for more help.