Bad sectors on FF8 psx game

Hey guys, I know its as old as the crypt keeper but its an awesome game and I can’t get past an fmv on the 3rd disc of the game, it just freezes everytime due to 15 bad sectors on the disc at that point. I wanted to know if there is anything I can do to make a successful backup, I own a psx with a modchip and its an original copy of the game…I was wondering if there was away to recopy it without the fmvs or cut-scenes, whichever you prefer, I’ve tried using ISObuster to remove the bad sectors which failed miserably (Ive also cleaned the disc which has no evidence of deep scratches)…Ive gone through like 6 coasters trying to fix it but to no avail…I’m sure there is a way to edit the .IMG file on the disc and remove/replace the .STR files with blank files in order to skip the fmvs but I dnt know how…Please help me out if you have a clue, thanx in advance…

Download clone cd and copy the disc. Make sure you know how to do the “dont correct subchannel” stuff becuase FF8 is a protected game.

Right click the drive you want to use once you have clone cd and set the read retries to 15. When you are ready to copy there are a list of settings such as: Data cd, PC game etc etc. Make a new one called ps1. Make sure you select the boxes “read subchannel audio and subchannel data”. DESELECT “abort on read error” this way it just skips the errors if it cant read the disc properly.

When you burn it, select dont correct subchannel data and audio.

It should burn and even if there are errors it should skip past that part in the FMV.

Sorry for the crappy guide but good luck!