Bad sectors in audio



Hey Masters lov your work.
I ve been reading in the site bout how safeaudio have bad sectors in audio CD. How is it possible with no efm and sync headers to corrupt. And no weak sectors are possible i guess (no scrambling)


On safeaudio CDs i guess the CIRC codes are incorrect, resulting in unreadable sectors. You can’t make such errors with a normal CD burner, but with a CD press they can write anything to a CD.

BTW you can make weak sectors in audio, by writing the pattern without scrambling it.


Yeah i have tried writing patterns and i what i get is some unreadable sectors in my writer. But the same sectors are readable in my reader. Wonder Why. If the errors are with the CIRC codes then i guess normal writers wont be able to write them or is there ne workaround like they did it with AWS for weak sectors.


You can still create bad sectors in audio by writing wrong subchannel data ; only a RAW-96 mode capable writer (ie 99.9% of actual burners) is required for this.


thank you docdocdoc for answerin my stupid rookie questions.
So i will try truman’s sub channel editor with a clone .sub file and write with clone cd. Now at work when i reach home i will give it a go
thanks again docdocdoc


No luck
I have a liteon and i edited .sub files. Tried making everythin null, even duplicate sub codes. wrote with dont repair subchannel yes.
Could you please tell me how to corrupt sub channel data.


What are you trying to do create audio copy protection?


All audio CD players interpolate when an uncorrectable error is found, so as a sector is 1/75th second you won’t hear anything if you corrupt one or even a few sectors. Most DAE tools also interpolate. Maybe it’s why your CD seems without any errors.


Not exactly for an audio protection. I was experimenting n found out that some audio protection does use Bad sectors. Just wonderin how they do it.

And docdocdoc it would be a great help if u tell me how to corrupt sub channel data. I tried editin as i said with trumans tool.
I tried to read a single sector but there was no error (So there was no interpolation)