Bad sectors and CD copy protections

Hi! I’ve noticed that certain types of CD copy protections go with bad sectors at specific locations. Furhter on, reading all the contents of such CDs (or CD images) is OK, since neither TotalCopy nor Windows Exporer report any kind of problem copying the contents to a hard drive for example. However, with some CDs (or CD images respectively) both Windows Explorer and TotalCopy report CRC error when I try to copy the contents of the CD (or image) to a hard drive. These are, for example, “Collins COBUILD Student’s Dictionary” and “Longman Advanced American Dictionary”. The latter has SafeDisk V2 protection but the former has no protection or at least neither ClonyXXL nor to A-Ray Scanner can recognize it. Minding all this, I wonder if there is a way to verify whether the bad sectors are just part of the copy protection (in which case I shouldn’t bother) or the media is defective and I need to find a better one?

There could be a couple of ways, but you can get a fairly accurate result by say reading the image with Alcohol 120% or similar and see where the bad sectors occur. If it is SafeDisc protected, you should get sector errors somewhere around sector 800 to about 10500. If you get an error in the middle of the disc, you can be pretty sure that it is not a copy protection, making an exception to SecuROM 4.8x which sometimes can have a sector error near the end of the disc. Normally if yoiu have a large block of bad sectors and there are no major scratches on the disc chances are it’s a copy protection in affect.

Hope this helps:)