Bad sector?



Hi folks
I recently purchased IDEAL DVDCOPY 325 on the movie the debt, when converting from dvd to avi it said bad sectors skipped why is this if this is supposed to takeout any protection!! when ripping normal dvd to hard drive:confused:


Bad sectors message [FONT=Arial]means the DVD has been scratched or there is a new protection.

Usually if a dvd has new copy protection, the bad sectors is hard to skip, you will fail to copy it in the end. So your issue on debt should be caused by the scratches. You may play the original dvd on the drive you used to copy to check it, it shouldn’t be played well on some point. If you can’t figure this out, just send us the bup files of the dvd, we’ll tell you the exact point. You may just click the icon on the left top corner of Ideal DVD Copy main form, then cilck “Export bup files” menu to export it.

However, the debt is just scratched slightly, so our program can skip it. You will just lose some scenes on the copied files.