Bad sector

I burned a video previously DVD shrinked on my hard drive using Nero Express

The “write” phase seemed to happen without any problem

When Nero verified the data I had some “read bad sector” warnings then it just said that it failed (I can’t remember what it exactly said but it was an error message with “failed”)

1] What happened? What does that mean?

Strangely enough it seems that I can read the DVD I burned
I did not check the whole movie but I don’t seem to see any problem with it

2] So is it good? Can I check that the burned DVD is fine?

In my experience, the nero verification feature was always failing, even if a disc is correctly burned. So I suggest to not rely much on it.

To check my discs I use cd-dvd speed, doing a “disc quality” test coupled with a “Transfer rate” test. In most of cases there two tests are an enough reliable way to check burned discs.

EDIT: To do the “quality disc” test, you need a burner able to support this feature, like a liteon or a benq or, if you can afford, a plextor.

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I’ve just tried to run cd-dvd speed… and it crashed after 30 seconds! (Dr Watson)

Nevertheless I’m 80% sure I can entirely read my DVD with no problem whatsoever :confused:


What burner do you have? And what version of cd-dvd speed?

cd-dvd speed v4.06

This could explain the crash :slight_smile:

LG drives doesn’t supports Disc Quality test :frowning:

Try to download latest version here. This should work correctly to do a benchmark test


I use Nero verification and I don’t remember it failing. I guess my memory is failing also.