Bad scans using Pioneer DVR-219L Writer



Purchased this writer a few months ago after my old Pioneer exploded whilst writing a crap quality CD-R.

I have to say my other Pioneer was a lot better.

The only difference now is that i am using a new burner which is the Pioneer DVR-219L firmware 1.02.

I have always bought Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R’s. Have never up until buying this burner had any problem with my discspeed results.

I always burn each disc at 8x using Nero Burning ROM ver 6.x.

I always scan them using Nero Discspeed 5 only doing a transfer rate test.

Have noticed recently a lot of jagged lined.

Before this writer, using the exact same media with my old pioneer writer my results were fantastic and got a perfect curved line but now every burn seems bad.

Take a look at the picture i have added of my recent burn.

Every burn result since plugging the writer in the PC has been this bad.

It is a SATA drive.

I’m wondering if i should perhaps change DMA mode or something? I remember doing this some years back.

There’s not a lot more to say really… Im using a fast enough PC.
Runs Intel Core 2 Duo CPU.
2.2 Ghz.
Windows XP SP3.
Nero Burning ROM 6.
Burn Speed 8x.

Any suggestions?

Thanks guys.

P.S. there is one difference and that’s that my old Pioneer was IDE. (Model DVR-118LBK)

Not sure if that would be a reason?

Also im not sure if it being a secondry master or primary master would make any difference??


SATA drives have no primary/slave setting, so this is not the cause for sure.

Often these irregularities of graph disappear if you set CD-Speed priority as high in preferences.

However, because of there are no big drops in read speed, I think that there is nothing to be worried about these small irregularities in graph :slight_smile:

To exclude the software as cause of these glitches, try to use a different one. ImgBurn can save a graph too. You just need to select verify mode, then check the disc, and once completed press the little button shown in picture :slight_smile:


Also…could it be AV or some other background activity going on or interfering?

I had this (all-SATA) PC running in IDE emulation mode for awhile, when trying to troubleshoot another drive problem, and the Current Transfer Mode setting showed up in the drive’s Advanced Settings (in Device Manager, see the link in my sig), but whether that has any effect if the drive’s actually SATA I’m not too sure?

I wouldn’t worry about those small-ish drops either BTW…if it really hits the floor, then panic :wink: